The tragic death of the vedette who accompanied Chabelo

Throughout the history of national television, many programs have left their mark on the audience, being one of the most recognized “Ambrose’s Carbine”, where the show’s characters made viewers pay attention to the time this “comedy, magical and musical” program hit the screens. And within the characters that participated in it, the participants of the segment stand out “Market of Tears”a minidrama in which a family starred in various situations that led to unthinkable extremes.

In this segment participated Xavier Lopez “Chabelo” as the youngest son, Alejandro Suárez as the father and the showgirl Cuban Judith Velasco like the self-sacrificing mother, who after being considered one of the most beautiful women of the time, would go through the bitterness of oblivion.

Well, although many remember her for her participation in Ambrose’s Carbine and for having starred in several of the covers of the magazines of those years, the truth is that the beautiful vedette ended up passing unnoticed through the country, which after taking advantage of her beauty during the best years of her career, left her in the I forget, plunging her into a terrible depression.

The beautiful vedette was originally from Cuba

Judith Maria Velasco Herreraknown in the artistic environment only as Judith Velascowas born in Havana, Cuba, on March 11, 1939, although her history in our country begins at the beginning of the 60s, time in which she was integrated into the group of dancers “Rodney”, which also included the actress Teresita Miranda, who years later would become the wife of Xavier López “Chabelo“, friend and colleague of the showgirl.

Before making an excellent dumbbell with Chabelothe beautiful Judith Velasco He had already displayed his talent for comedy in other Humberto Navarro programs such as “El Show de Bartolo”, in which he shared credits with the very same Enrique Guzman.

In addition, he participated in films such as: “Los vampiros de Coyoacán” (1974), “Bellas de noche” (1975), “El ministero y yo” (1976), where he shared credits with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, “Mexican Picardía II ” (1980), “A clean stick” (1989) and “Deadly roulette” (1990). Not to mention that she was an actress in soap operas such as: “Selfish Mothers” (1991), “When the children leave” (1983), “El medio pelo” (1980) and “Viviana” (1978), projects where despite his talent, he only got supporting roles.

And this lack of recognition and opportunities diminished his desire to live more and more, which was confirmed by himself. Chabelo in “The Story Behind the Myth” where she recalled that she was very close to Teresa Miranda, who was the comedian’s wife, which in turn would contribute to her closeness to the showgirlwitnessing its decline.

The actress decided to end her life by throwing herself onto the subway tracks

In said interview Xavier Lopez “Chabelo” pointed out that Judith Velasco She was going through a rough patch in which she had no job and was already desperate, for which she thought of her to replace Eugenio Derbez, who had left the “En Familia” program, where she gave voice to a robot doll. So the idea of Chabelo it was that now the robot was a girl to whom Judith gave the voice, a matter that never happened, since before this opportunity reached the ears of the vedette, in her despair, she threw herself onto the tracks of the Metro Northern Divisionthus dying instantly.

As was pointed out at that time, it was her severe depression that made her decide to take her own life in that way, because just as the train was passing by, she jumped, thus preventing the driver from doing anything to stop him. brake and thus save his life. Her body was left in such poor condition that her colleagues could only recognize her thanks to the National Association of Actors (ANDA) credential that she was carrying with her at that time.


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The tragic death of the vedette who accompanied Chabelo