The Turkish TV series are flooding Italy: the most beautiful and curiosities

The invasion of foreign TV series in Italy it is almost cyclical. Since the 70s onwards to dominate are those American – from the fictional genre to the health one passing through the detective one – while in the 80s it was at Latin American telenovelas. Those have come since the 2000s German-Austrian (although an advance was the legendary Derrick), while in recent years we have seen a flood of Turkish TV series.

Their original name is musalsalat and among the Arab countries they are very successful. Also in our country they have a discreet following, also thanks to the presence of a beloved actor from the female gender: Can Yaman. Which has increased its popularity thanks to a short (but very glossy) love story with the sports journalist Diletta Leotta.

We see because in Italian TV there are many Turkish TV series and those considered best.

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Why are so many Turkish TV series broadcast in Italy?

In reality the phenomenon is not only Italian. There Turkeythrough these TV series, he is trying to give himself a different face in the eyes of Europeans. Especially since when the government is Recep Erdoganwho is practicing a very aggressive foreign and domestic policyso much so that they scream on the way back of the Ottoman Empire.

L’Espresso he calls him “soft power”Which improves the image of the country. The Turks have made their way with love stories passionate and happy ending. Definable stories “Islam friendly ”where love always leads to marriage And there is no room for betrayal, infidelity, let alone homosexuality.

But there were exceptions and controversies: in 2008 the series “Noor“Dubbed from Turkish to Syrian, has become legendary: the last episode has been seen by 85 million people, of which almost half are women from all over the Arab world. “NoorHad been cut prior to broadcast, and condemned by religious authorities. Also banning the gadgets related to the series.

However, apart from the more traditional love stories, there is no shortage of darker adventures: like those of the series “Fatma“, maid but also unsuspected killer. OR the vampires Mia and Dimitri in “Immortals“. “Ethos”Instead it breaks the Turkish leitmotif a bit: it shows various characters held together by a psychologistthat it also questions family ties, moral obligations, and religion.

This too makes a scene, to show that Turkey is basically more modern than you think. But maybe he was really becoming, before Erdogan’s arrival.

To be fair, there has also been a series that tried to counter this sweetened face of Turkey. How “Kingdoms of fire”, Serial shot by an English director with a pan-Arab castproduced by the Saudis and broadcast with great success in Egypt and other Arab countries. Which puts in the spotlight the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire on the Maghreb countries.

Turkish TV series second only to American ones

The reports are also interesting Upwiki: Turkey is the fastest growing exporter of television series, even surpassing Mexico and Brazil. And it is second only to the United States. And so the television industry has played a vital role in increasing Turkey’s popularity in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North Africa. Because, as someone said, the “cinema is the strongest weapon“.

Turkish series are produced mainly in the capital Istanbul, as television companies chose to settle there after the wave of liberalization of private television in the 1990s. Among the Turkish TV channels that produce dramas we find TRT, Kanal D, SHOW, STAR, ATV, FOX, tv8, and Kanal 7.

Due to stiff competition, come on 60 series produced every year on average, almost 50% does not last more than 13 episodes precisely in order not to sacrifice quality over quantity. For the rest, each series consists of 40 episodes lasting about 130 minutes.

The first Turkish TV series exported abroad was Çalıkuşu in 1986 in Russia.

The success of the Turkish television series is bringing it also benefits tourismsince then the millions of spectators in the world want to see the places represented there.

However, they are not lacking trade union problems. Cagri Vila Lostuvali – 10 years in the industry and four as a director – admitted:

To make one episode a week, our crews work up to 18 hours a day. This work devours our entire lives (…) With the increase in the duration of the episodes and consequently in the number of hours worked, the industry has lost its most experienced professionals who refuse to work in such conditions. Wages haven’t grown much either

According to the Secretary General of the TEA, Bader ArslanTurkey’s annual income from television exports will exceed US $ 1 billion by 2023.

Why do they never kiss in Turkish TV series?

As reported Serial TVthe reason must be sought in the fact that these series they must adhere to strict religious and traditional Arab canons. And here is the protagonists they barely touch each otheralways remaining poised between a hidden gaze and a timid caress.

If the kiss is there, generally he is filmed from behind and almost never from the frontthe lips affected they touch as soon as. Producers would take a risk for more extreme scenes very high fines by the Turkish government.

The only series that dared more was Mr. Wrong. Perhaps not by chance never renewed for the second season.

But perhaps even this expectation makes these series so successful. To Westerners, in the face of such shamelessnesson TV as on Sociala little bit of romance and imagination not spoiled by explicit scenes, it’s also nice. As in general the construction of stories of a country so far away but which reminds us traditions and naivety long lost even in one country traditionalist like ours.

Best Turkish TV Shows on Netflix

As reported Silmarienthe Top Turkish TV series broadcast on Netflix I am:

  • The Protector
  • Love 101
  • Immortals
  • Ethos
  • Fatma
  • Black Money Love
  • The Gift
  • The Yard
  • Wolf
  • 50M2
  • Innocent
  • Intersection
  • The Club (Kulüp)

Turkish TV series broadcast in Italy

These are instead Turkish TV series broadcast in Italy:

  • Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of love
  • Daydreamer – The wings of the dream
  • Mr Wrong – Lessons of love
  • Love is in the Air
  • Like Sisters
  • Brave and Beautiful
  • Bitter land

Best romantic Turkish TV series

For those looking for sentimental comedies, here are the Best romantic Turkish TV series:

  • Cherry season – The season of the heart
  • Happiness
  • The love of my life
  • Inadina Ask

Best Turkish TV Series in original language with subtitles

For those who have no problems with subtitles, here are the Best Turkish TV Series dubbed in Italian.

The Turkish series broadcast by Netflix are all in their original language and you can choose whether to see them in the original language, with subtitles in Italian or in Italian.

The TV series aired on Mediaset instead, they are available only already dubbed in Italian. However, it is possible to see them on the streaming platform owned by Reed Hastingavailable for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

In general, you can find them on Just Watch, by connecting to the official website and typing the name of a TV series you are looking for. It will take you back to the platforms that transmit them. And this in general for all contents.

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The Turkish TV series are flooding Italy: the most beautiful and curiosities