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The Vampire Diaries alumni are all set to appear in exciting upcoming projects. Paul Wesley will be seen in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Joseph Morgan in DC’s Titans. These actors are remembered for their iconic roles in The Vampire Diaries, especially the villainous Klaus. Almost all of TVD’s villains were beloved by the fandom, but almost everyone rooted for the Mystic Falls gang to win.

However, there have been instances where it made sense for the villains to succeed in their plans. These schemes weren’t always evil, but they were necessary for them to be justified or to free their people, like Rebekah getting revenge on Elena or Markos freeing the Travelers. Just those few times, the bad guys deserved their wins.

When Esther tried to kill her children

It may be ruthless for a mother to kill her children, but Esther’s motives are based on moral grounds. She had created monsters by turning her children into original vampires, and they had indeed survived several lifetimes. They were of no use to the world, and it was time to put them down.

Like all of the powerful witches in The Vampire Diaries, Esther wanted to restore balance to nature. Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol and Finn had terrorized and used people for their own gain too many times, and she would have done well to finish them off, once and for all.

When Katherine tried to free herself from Klaus

Katherine always survived against all odds, but the odds were Klaus, almost every time. He had stalked her and made her life hell, so it was perfectly within Katherine’s right to try to negotiate her way out of the mess by giving her the moonstone.

It was true that this meant Elena was in danger, but Katherine had served her time for Klaus too long. She deserved a way out, and she had no qualms about putting someone else in danger to get a liberated life for herself.

When Klaus unlocked his werewolf side

Even Klaus, the Original Big Bad, had a reason to be so bad. He was not his father’s child, which Mikael had abused him for, and Esther had tried to hide. She had even toned down the wolf side of Klaus to hide his affair.

Klaus never reached his full power and potential, which had been controlled by his terrible parents. It was his right to become his true werewolf self, and it wasn’t his fault that he had been locked behind a bloody ritual. Fortunately, Klaus got better as the show progressed.

When Rebekah went after Elena

Elena had made the worst decisions, and one of them was stabbing Rebekah in the back, literally. She could have had an Original in her corner, but she gave Rebekah confidence, got her to confess her fears and hopes, and then stabbed her.

Rebekah had been betrayed enough times by her own parents, and that betrayal was personal. Rebekah sued Elena and made her pay, which in this case was fair.

When Qetsiyah got revenge on Silas

It was a bit unbelievable that the line of doppelgangers came from a lovers’ feud, but Silas had betrayed Qetsiyah to an unforgivable degree. After being tricked and deceived by Amara and Silas, Qetsiyah deserved to see Amara suffer and Silas stuck on the other side with her.

Hell has no fury like a despised woman, and Qetsiyah embodied it wholeheartedly. She needed to close the whole incident and this was her way of getting it.

When Markos freed the travelers

Markos was not a terrible person, as his goal was only to free the Travelers from their curse. They could never settle and put down roots in one place because they were cursed, and nature would torment them if they did.

He brought down the Other Side and took blood from Stefan and Elena, but it was to get rid of a misplaced vendetta against his people.

When Kol stopped Silas’ awakening

The most underrated of all the originals, Kol actually made a lot of sense this time around, and he was fired and killed for it. As his siblings ran to the priest, he attempted to foil their plans as Silas was all-powerful and could defeat anyone with a snap of his fingers.

He thought right, and the others weren’t, when he kidnapped Damon, terminated Mary, and tried to kill Jeremy, because he had a goal. He deserved to win in this case.

When Rayna avenged her father

Julian’s cruelty to a young, innocent Rayna led her to become a huntress and pursue vampires. Being forced to kill her father was not trivial, and Rayna deserved to avenge Vicente’s death by hunting down Julian and other vampires.

Vampires were never a blameless people, and their existence was pure violence. They were predatory in nature, so it was only right that there was a bigger predator looking to catch them.

When Sybil threw Seline under the bus

Seline had manipulated and lied to Sybil, feeding her human flesh without telling her what it was. She made her a cannibal and left her in the armory safe, so Sybil’s dismissal of Seline from her plans was entirely justified.

She had led her down a dark path and had never shown remorse. Sybil only wanted to be free from Cade and a better life for herself. It was justified that she tried to get a better deal by throwing her under the bus.

When Cade became King of Hell

Cade was a kind and caring man during his lifetime. His psychic powers were condemned for no good reason – he was burned at the stake because his people didn’t take the time to understand him and his strengths.

So it only made sense that he created Hell and chose to punish people the way he did. He had been crucified for no real reason, so gathering the souls of people who did heinous things and punishing them was fair and just.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Times The Villains Deserved To Win | Pretty Reel