The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Why Elena Absolutely Had To End With Damon

By Carole Cillec

– Posted on August 23, 2022 at 08:00
– Updated on August 22, 2022 at 10:30

Several years after its end, The Vampire Diaries remains a series that rocked our adolescence. Elena and Damon finally had their happy ending, but why did they absolutely have to end up together?

After eight years of love triangle – or almost -, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) have finally found peace. The end of The Vampire Diries was a sad cocktail of reunions, deaths and suspense. Now we only have our eyes left to cry. We’ve followed the most intense love triangle in history for eight years and finally we know who Elena ended up with. Yes but, why did it have to be Damon?

A crazy alchemy

First of all, the chemistry and tension between Damon and Elena is undeniable. Maybe the relationship between the two actors weighed a little in the balance, but we’re not going to lie to each other: each scene between Damon and Elena is intense – like their reunion in the finale. And it was so much that we launched the bets from the start. And obviously, we were right.

Elena makes Damon better

We love Damon for his cynicism and his tortured side but we must at least recognize one thing in him: he never does anything that might hurt Elena. You could see him as a spoiled rotten egoist, and yet Elena’s view of him holds him back (often, not always) from slipping. She makes him better and that is a strong argument in a relationship!

The love they have for each other is unique

This is the oldest proof in the world: when you are really in love with someone you don’t look at the others – finally yes, we can look but not touch. Except Damon and Elena were like two magnets. Even though Elena loved Stefan, she didn’t love him like she loves Damon. Point bar. Julie Plec admitted that without the departure of Nina Dobrev, she would have ended the season by going back to a love triangle, but quite frankly, getting into it again would not have served The Vampire Diaries. Stefan has built a realistic friendship-based relationship with Caroline, and Damon and Elena have built their own.

Damon sacrificed his own happiness for Elena.

Damon loves his brother, he loves Elena, and Elena is with Stefan. Translation, got entangled in a very complicated situation. Except that he was always honest with her: remember that scene (beautiful and horrible at the same time) where Damon confessed his feelings to Elena before making her forget everything he had said to her? We cried, we shouted in front of the screen and we cursed Julie Plec. Except that this, this act, proves that Damon is not that selfish, quite the contrary.. Clearly, Delena began to exist (really exist) at that time. Because it was proof that Elena wasn’t a hobby or even a trophy that Damon wanted to take from his brother. Alright, we always knew. But a few scenes that prove it from time to time, it feels good.

Elena believed in Damon’s redemption

Elena remains the only person who has always believed in Damon.. For her, he was certain that he could change. And yet, you know what they say: hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. Damon is proof that this is wrong. Elena was right, he has changed. And she gave a little hope to Stefan who, too, ended up believing that his brother could indeed become a good person.

The Delena shippers finally won their case and after eight intense seasons, the couple finally found peace. We have to admit that The Vampire Diaries we miss. But to remedy this, we still have plenty of series to binge-watch!

The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Why Elena Absolutely Had To End With Damon