The Vampire Diaries connection to Peacock’s new series Vampire Academy

The premiere of Peacock’s new series, Vampire Academy, has been making waves among viewers, who say there is a clear connection to The Vampire Diaries. However, this is what showrunner Julia Plec has said.

The Vampire Diaries It set the tone for youth drama series based on the immortality of the undead in exchange for an infinite thirst for blood. The story of two brothers who fall in love with the same human woman and become part of their close group of friends continued on television The CW for over a decade and remains a fan favorite. However, the new series Vampire Academy has been the subject of these kinds of comparisons more often than any other show, to the point where it seems like the two series are related.

The Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy the big differences between the series

At first sight, Vampire Academy Y The Vampire Diaries They have nothing to do with it. Both are based on successful YA book series, but take place in completely different worlds and under different rules. The authorship of the TVD novels is surprisingly complicated: they are owned by Alloy Entertainment, and have changed authors several times. While most covers officially list LJ Smith as the author, the original author of the collection was LJ Smith, but he parted ways with Alloy in 2014, after which the title was ghostwritten.

Vampire Academy, instead, was created by Richelle Mead and is the sole author of this six-volume series. The center of the story is the world of Saint Vladimir’s Academy, where one has not only the status of “vampire”, but also the rank and status in this civilization system. Dhampir or Moroi, royalty or not.

Though Vampire Academy Y The Vampire Diaries are two separate entities, there are many similarities between the two series, especially when it comes to behind-the-scenes matters. In fact, julie plect, the writer and showrunner for TVD, is also leading the creation and development of VA for its television adaptation. Ella’s co-producer Marguerite MacIntyreShe also played local police officer and board member Elizabeth Forbes on the Vampire Diaries series.

Why they ensure a great future for Vampire Academy

Together they established themselves well in the field of vampire history on television, especially when The Vampire Diaries became a massive franchise, which subsequently spawned the spin-off series TheOriginals Y Legacy, both produced by Marguerite MacIntyre and Julie Plec. Now that those series are over, it would be unfair to think that Vampire Academy it was just a new string for his bow.

However, during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, the showrunner for both shows, julie plect, said that there are many differences between the series. And that each one has its center in history, something that has made fans of Vampire Academy who began enjoying the series on September 14 on the Peacock streaming platform.

“There’s not much in common between the two series, except for the emotion: building a series around family and friends and infusing it with soul is my way of writing.” Julie Plec said.

The Vampire Diaries connection to Peacock’s new series Vampire Academy