The Vampire Diaries: The real actress who was going to play Elena Gilbert

It is true that the actress who played Elena Gilber in The Vampire Diaries was Nina Dobrev, showing a great performance for several seasons. However, she was another star The CW had planned to play the character, but in a turn of events, it didn’t happen for this reason.

The novels The Vampire Diaries by writer LJ Smith were initially published in the 1990s, but their television adaptation premiered in 2009. Obtaining great popularity on the television network The C.W.. The show follows a high school student named Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev), who can’t decide who to be with between two men who are brothers with a great characteristic, that they are vampires. However, prior to the show’s debut, there were other plans with its lead actress.

The Vampire Diaries: Elena Gilbert was to be played by Ashley Tisdale

The launch of The Vampire Diaries It happened a year after the premiere of the first film in the Twilight saga. Which allowed the popularity of the program to increase much more than expected. But as same as Jennifer Lawrence she almost played Bella Swan in the film, TVD almost looked very different, because Ashley Tisdale almost played Elena Gilbert.

It is true that Elena Gilbert was the main protagonist of The Vampire Diaries during its first six seasons, becoming captivated by the Salvatore brothers: Damon (ian somerhalder) and Stefan (paul wesley). But, as the series progresses, it is discovered that Elena was a doppelgänger of Petrova, a cruel vampire named Katherine Pierce. Although after different stories she became a vampire in the third installment, after drinking Damon’s blood.

Although the main star Nina Dobrev he had left the show during the sixth season, he returned briefly for the series finale in the eighth installment. Despite his spectacular performance, Dobrev was not the first choice for the role. Because the television network The C.W.had his sights on Ashley Tisdale from Disney’s High School Musical. In fact, she was contacted to star as Elena.

The Vampire Diaries: Ashley Tisdale was going to play Elena Gilbert

Nevertheless, Ashley Tisdale turned down the role of Elena in The Vampire Diaries, due to previous commitments with another series of the same television network. Tisdale played Savannah Monroe opposite Aly Michalka in the cheerleader drama Hellcats. Unfortunately for her, that show was canceled after the first season of hers. Something that her fans reproached her for not having accepted TVD’s proposal.

Curiously, Ashley Tisdale she also turned down the chance to star in Pretty Little Liars to go on to play Savannah Monroe in Hellcats. All the programs were great opportunities for the star, but unfortunately she chose the one that had the least popularity, preventing her career from advancing much further.

The Vampire Diaries: The real actress who was going to play Elena Gilbert