The Vampire Diaries: the unexpected reunion of three actors from the cult series

In almost 10 years of working together, the actors of The Vampire Diaries, a cult series today, have necessarily forged links. Some of them are still great friends, even though their characters on the show didn’t like each other at all.

The reunion of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan

This December 21, 2022, the actor Joseph Morganposted a photo on Instagram, worthy of the most beautiful Christmas gifts for fans of The Vampire Diaries. Above, we recognize the one who interpreted the original vampire Klaus, but also Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, who portrayed the roles of Stefan and Damon Salvatore respectively. An unexpected reunion, which proves that even five years after the end of the series, the actors of the cult series are still very close. The caption reads: “I ended up with these two legends. I’ll let you find this one”.

And yet, in The Vampire Diaries, we can’t say that Stefan, Damon and Klaus were great friends. On the contrary, they rather thought of tearing their heads off all day long. Indeed, the two Salvatore brothers have always had a conflictual relationship, although they were very accomplices. Klaus was one of the biggest villains fought in Mystic Falls.

What has become of the three actors since The Vampire Diaries?

After The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder has distinguished himself in a few productions, notably in the Netflix series V Wars. A series, ironically, about vampires. But it is above all in his fight for ecology that the actor has distinguished himself, by being actively involved in cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico after the oil disaster of the Deepwater Horizon platform, and by being appointed, in 2014 , Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Program. Very close to his on-screen partner Paul Wesley, they decided to launch their own brand of bourbon in 2020: Brother’s Bond Straight.

Paul Wesley, meanwhile, has often swung to the other side of the camera. After playing Stefan Salvatore for eight seasons, he took on the direction of select episodes of Legacies, Shadowhunters, and Batwoman. In 2023, he will be in the cast of the series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. On social networks, we often see him alongside the interpreter of Damon, but also Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice King).

After leaving The Vampire Diaries at the end of season 4, Joseph Morgan took on the lead role in the series’ spin-off, The Originals. He went on to play his role as Klaus in another spin-off, Legaciesuntil 2022.

The Vampire Diaries: the unexpected reunion of three actors from the cult series