The Vampire Diaries: What we suspected of the fangs of the vampires in the series

The Vampire Diaries actors who acted obviously wore fake fangs. However, there were some of them who had more than one problem to use them and the producers had to use new ideas for their oral health.

The cast of The Vampire Diaries from the television The CW He continues to talk about his experiences on the series, and his acting experience includes a lot of blood and false teeth. Apparently, the fangs that the actors wore caused them speech problems, despite fitting them into each other’s mouths, the producers looked for new ideas so that their stars did not have any problems in each of the scenes that required them.

The Vampire Diaries: The actors’ problems with false teeth and fangs

The actors of the series The Vampire Diaries who acted obviously used fake fangs. Conor McCullaghcreator of special effects and make-up artist for the series, explained how the fangs the actors wore were made. As a vampire drama, it’s obvious that there has to be a lot of fake fangs, so painstaking work of make-up artists was required to do it without affecting health.

“Vampire teeth are just plugs,” McCullagh explained.

“I audition all the actors who play vampires and make them custom plugs. We actually put our dentures in first. It’s a small piece. When everything is glued, mixed, painted, etc., we add blood.”

As revealed by The Catcher, the elastic caps on the vampire fangs also come off easily. Therefore, each actor needed a different pair of mouthpieces to fit their teeth perfectly, which is why some had oral medical exams to measure their dentures.

Although dentures used in The Vampire Diaries they could fall off easily, there was another problem: they caused speech problems for the actors in each scene that required them. Because the fangs caused the actors to gag, they were only used when the actors playing vampires were about to attack one of their victims. This allowed the fangs to be used as little as possible while still representing a bloodthirsty vampire.

Interestingly, the actress Nina Dobrev He also explained in an interview to TV presenter Conan O’Brien how to make a vampire look perfect despite having blood and fake fangs. She put on the fangs she had been given and also explained what the crunch was that bothered her, plus that many thought it was sexy, she explained “It’s not sexy at all.”

On the other hand, Damon Salvatore actor, ian somerhalder, also talked about how to solidify fake blood and said that it was amazing to use liters and liters of fake blood for the scenes. After building a vast universe of these beings, various characters became crucial parts of the story, even appearing on various shows.

The Vampire Diaries: What we suspected of the fangs of the vampires in the series