The vampires are already in Pátzcuaro; the Fantastic and Horror Film Festival (Feratum) begins

Angélica Ayala / Contributor The Voice of Michoacán

Patzcuaro, Michoacan. The Fantastic and Horror Film Festival began in this Magical Town, with the Emperor Caltzontzin Theater as its main stage, and the “Cinema Vampires” as its central theme.

The actors, actresses, directors, screenwriters, special guests, municipal and state officials, paraded down the red carpet, between the flashes of the cameras, smiles and emotion was the main costume that each one wore. The event was framed with the delivery of the Golden Nosferatu to Eugenio Caballero, Production Designer and art producer, who won an Oscar for the film Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro.

After giving the third call, the presentation of a violinist and guitarist, they opened the show, motivating the public to applaud, shout and enjoy each of the notes emitted by their musical instruments that combined and coordinated with the lights of the venue. When the masters of ceremonies finished, they began with the dialogues, to thank the presence of each of the special guests and the general public.

The first to issue a message was Fausto Vallejo Mora, representing the state secretary of tourism, Roberto Monroy, who said that these events strengthen tourism and the promotion of the state, “giving more and better events to our visitors, count on us to continue strengthening and promoting this type of event, congratulate everyone, so that we continue working for the good of our state so that Michoacán continues to be the soul of Mexico”.

Arturo Pimentel, president of the Association of Hotels in the Region, gave the most cordial welcome and stressed that they were arriving in a beautiful city, full of traditions, mysticism, stories and legends, “while they get lost in the stories of movies Feratum, Pátzcuaro has a great track record as a location, it is the opportunity to invite people to meet and combine their talent with Michoacan talent, we must take advantage of what we see and what we move”.

Upon taking the stage, after being presented, the municipal president, Julio Arreola Vázquez, thanked the director and founder of Feratum, Miguel Ángel Marín Colín, for believing in Pátzcuaro to hold the festival, “we are pleased and happy after two years of pandemic We are going to live this festival as God intended, we feel honored that they turn their eyes to see us to carry out this type of event, Pátzcuaro is one of the most wonderful towns in Mexico, if not the most”.

In an atmosphere of nostalgia and gratitude, Miguel Ángel Marín remembered his father as the initiator of Feratum and who passed away this year, paying tribute to Filiberto Marín; likewise, he mentioned that there are going to be three intense days with a lot of programming, and I don’t get off the stage without thanking the state government who, through the Secretary of Tourism, has supported this festival, as well as the municipal authorities.

The climax of the inauguration of the International Fantastic and Horror Film Festival was when they announced the recognition of Eugenio Caballero, “a great artist who has put the name of Mexico on a world level,” announced the masters of ceremony, who is a designer of production and art producer, who won an Oscar for Pan’s Labyrinth and has been nominated seven times for the Ariel Award, winning three.

The Nosferatu del Oro statuette was presented to him by Miguel Marín, after a hug between the two and Eugenio Caballero approached the microphone, to remember that 15 years ago Marín Colín told him “crazy idea of ​​making a fantastic film festival and of terror”, he said, that in those years fewer films were made and genre cinema “was conspicuous by its absence”, although times have changed, he pointed out.

“I am grateful for this tribute, in this wonderful place, I am especially happy for each time that I enjoy something more, in a world that I am passionate about and that only exists in movies, cinema saves me from my own monsters, instead of denying them and that they grow more, it allows me to dialogue with them”.

It is worth mentioning that Eugenio Caballero will give a master class, who will share some of his experiences as a Production Designer in projects such as “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón and “Bardo, “chronic lack of a few truths” by Alejandro González Iñárritu ; This activity will take place on Saturday, November 12 at 12:00 in the Emperor Caltzontzin Theater, which is free.


  • 11 years old Feratum was born in Tlalpuhajua
  • 3 Years that takes place in Pátzcuaro
  • More than 1200 films have presented Feratum
  • More than 200 exclusive premieres for Mexico have been screened by Feratum
  • More than 1000 directors, producers, actors, actresses, has generated
  • It is in the top 20 of the most important film festivals in the world in its genre in this 2022
  • Feratum is present in 22 countries as one of the most important festivals of its kind
  • This year pays tribute to the 100 years of Nosferatum first vampire film
  • 3 days of activities and projections

The vampires are already in Pátzcuaro; the Fantastic and Horror Film Festival (Feratum) begins – La Voz de Michoacán