The Vampires Diaries: creator of the series plans new spin off

The creator of the series ”legacies”, julie plectjust revealed that he still wants to continue the universe of ”The Vampire Diaries” with another new spin-off. During an interview, Plec confirmed that there are still more stories to tell even with the cancellation of “Legacies” by the channel. The CW, which was the last project related to the ”Vampire Diaries” story. “We had a plan to keep the franchise on the air until the next installment, which exists in our brains but isn’t on the page yet,” Plec said.

This statement came after the ”Legacies” series aired its final chapter, a conclusion that would bring the franchise to a close in the near future. However, Plec promised that there would be another series, and that this cancellation would not stop him from exploring the city of Mystic Falls. “We’re a little sad, we’re going to give ourselves a break,” he admitted. “But yes, there are more ideas. There is more to do.” Currently, it is unknown where the new spin off can be seen or when its premiere will be.

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The final episode of ”Legacies” welcomed a new generation of talented teenagers, opening the door to more stories set in the fictional Salvatore boarding school. The series finale also saw the return of several fan-favorite characters from previous series such as ”TheOriginals” and ”The Vampire Diaries”.

Although Julie Plec is excited to bring a new spin-off to life in the future, she admitted that the cancellation of “Legacies” was a blow to the cast and crew. “We did 331 episodes of television and a lot of people who worked on ‘Vampire Diaries’ season 1 worked on ‘Legacies’ season 4,” the showrunner explained. “There was such a beautiful family that we were able to build in Atlanta through these three series. To think that that just disappeared now is sad.”

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The CW recently upended its entire schedule, canceling seven shows in May 2022. Affected series included “Naomi,” “4400,” “Roswell, New Mexico,” “In the Dark,” ”Charmed”, ”Dynasty” and ”Legacies”. This will be the first time since 2009 that The CW will not air a show set in the “Vampire Diaries” universe.

”The Vampire Diaries” ran for eight seasons on The CW, proving to be one of the most popular projects on the network today. The paranormal series for teenagers would later have two series derived from its universe. First was ”The Originals”, which ran for four seasons and reintroduced antagonists Klaus Mikaelson and his family as protagonists in a New Orleans-based story. This was later followed by “Legacies”, which followed Klaus’ daughter Hope and a group of supernatural teenagers as they attended a private boarding school for the gifted.

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The Vampires Diaries: creator of the series plans new spin off