These 5 underrated and little talked about Netflix series are clearly worth the detour!

1. Echoes

An intriguing and stunning, but very little known series that leaves you speechless. It takes place in the city of Wilmington, putting Michelle Monaghan at the heart of the fiction, who plays two roles at once. Indeed, it is about two twins who agreed to exchange their identity since their early childhood.

You will discover the story of Léni and Gina. The unexpected being part of the life cycle, their small business has experienced upheavals in adulthood. Léni will mysteriously disappear without leaving a trace. What happened to him ? What will happen to Gina? Will she be able to find her sister? As many answers as you will have by taking advantage of this beautiful yet underrated series.

2.First Kill

This new series of vampires is a cinematic revolution. Very lively, you will find two teenagers who fell in love with a deep love, but who will not be able to live it. Juliette and Calliope, both having different destinies: one is a vampire and the other hunts them.

Their opposite identity roots, they will very quickly be confronted with difficulties. They will have to fight for their feelings. An underrated romantic series with so many suspense that deserves attention.

3. The last kingdom

Enticing content for historical film fanatics. Published since 2015, the last episode was released in March 2022. An opportunity for those who started it to go to the end of the suspense. A series based on the Saxon stories of Bernard Cornwell.

Indeed, following the separation of England into several kingdoms, Vikings launched an attack. It will be necessary to find someone who can carry the destiny of an entire people and save it. Will he defend his native village? Where will he have to remain loyal to the village in which he was raised? Discover in detail this series on Netflix through its 46 episodes.


It is a science fiction series that has generated a lot of comments. It did not have an end expected by the public: which makes it more captivating. Filled with startling discoveries, the story takes place in the heart of a fictional small town called Winden.

There are four families who interact, but who have each kept the most confusing secrets. Following the disappearance of two children, secrets have come to light. This ended up destabilizing them.

5. What if

Determined to fund their start-up, Lisa and her husband struck a deal with a benefactor, albeit a bit suspicious. He will want a counterpart of his investment. A situation that Lisa had not foreseen at all. A scenario that retraces a romance of the 90s that you must follow at all costs.

The story unfolds in 10 episodes and allows you to discover the sacrifice of Sean, a loving husband. Watch the first season of this series on Netflix to immerse yourself in this magnificent scenario.

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These 5 underrated and little talked about Netflix series are clearly worth the detour!