These stars who want to be the “new Gwyneth Paltrow”

Since the success of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop label – one of whose candles is still called “This Smells Like My Vagina” – several celebrities have been trying to ride the lifestyle wave.

The perfect timing. Just when my bathroom cabinet is starting to look a little empty, a new Hollywood celebrity proclaimed “new wellness guru” shows up. A newcomer to an already fairly long series, Jared Leto is launching Twentynine Palms, named after a small town in Joshua Tree National Park whose flora served as his inspiration.

The American actor is a vegan and a yogi. At 50, he looks much younger. To develop his new skincare line – eye contour, cleansing and moisturizing lotions, hand creams, body and hair products – he collaborated with experts in cosmetics formulation. If you haven’t realized you’ll need a $95 clay mask this winter, Jared Leto will convince you.

The goopification of celebrities is complete. Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the first to set her neat feet on this new promised land. In its wake, a host of celebrities tried to ride the wave of the lucrative lifestyle label. It must be said that Goop, Paltrow’s lucrative label, now weighs 240 million euros. The actress having launched a candle “This Smells Like My Vagina”, why not imagine that Jared Leto releases an after-shave with the scent of her private parts?

Jared Leto presents his skincare line in the wake of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s label.
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Between Lestat and Jesus

Admittedly, Jared Leto is one of the most eccentric celebrities I’ve ever interviewed. The man is a kind of cross between Lestat, the vampire of Anne Rice’s novels, and Jesus dressed again by Alessandro Michele of Gucci. I am probably not as objective as I should be when I approach the irruption of this man detached from the world into the marvelous universe of cosmetics. When we met, long before the coronavirus, he had refused to shake my hand. The packaging of its products, which depicts twilight in the Mojave Desert, is undeniably beautiful. And Leto is living proof that a man in his 50s can (should?) be particularly attractive. Give honour where honour is due.

This also goes for Brad Pitt, who also launched his own skincare label. Called Le Domaine, it is the result of a collaboration with an organic winemaker and offers creams, serums and cleansing emulsions for a price ranging from 75 to more than 300 euros. British actor and director Idris Elba is not to be outdone: in 2020, he co-founded the S’able label with his wife Sabrina. A non-gendered skincare line offering a toner, a moisturizer and various bathroom kits.

And the cutest of these gentlemen, Harry Styles, launched Pleasing last year, to market the “Pleasing Pen” as well as a line of clothing.

Pleasing, the brand of Harry Styles, includes nail polishes and lip and eye care.
©Courtesy of Pleasing

Cary Grant

I may be old-fashioned and a little cynical, but frankly, who would imagine Cary Grant touting the merits of an anti-wrinkle cream? British actor Charles Dance, still looking handsome at 76, never came to present a new men’s cream, just as Robert Redford never gave advice on how to look as good as he did. Even Paul Newman didn’t go beyond a range of organic sauces to spice up salads.

Clearly, we no longer consider men’s grooming to be superfluous. We accepted that it might be just as important for men as for women to use moisturizer. In 2018, David Beckham launched a beautiful skincare label, House 99, probably because a lot of British men wanted to look like him. But now, the market has given its verdict: four years later, this label has disappeared from the shelves.

The American actor Brad Pitt has teamed up with the Perrin family, and their Château Beaucastel in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to launch a cosmetics brand called “Le Domaine”.
©Serge Chapuis / Courtesy Le Domaine Skincare

Fortunately, there are enough others left. Men’s skincare products are part of a thriving industry that now weighs nearly sixty billion euros. Brands worth checking out include Thomas Clipper, Baxter of California and Dr Jackson, all of which offer excellent cosmetics for the presentation-conscious man.

While most men probably want to look like Brad Pitt, I wonder how many dream of looking like Jared Leto, an outsider who occasionally cuts himself off from the world to meditate in the desert. Unless Generation Z ends up role-modeling it and adopting it? Anyway, I’m going to stick with my Clarins products for a few more years.

These stars who want to be the “new Gwyneth Paltrow”