They reveal the first images of ‘Vampire Academy’, the new series recorded in Navarra

Peacock has released the trailer of the premieres that are to come in this 2022. And in the video we can find exclusively the first images of ‘Vampire Academy’; the new series that has been recorded in Navarra.

‘Vampire Academy’ tells the story of Rose Hathaway (a vampire-human hybrid) in her mission to protect her best friend, the princess Lissa Dragomir of vampires that never die: the Strigoi. This situation will lead them to St. Vladimir’s Academywhere both vampire royalty and future guardians are trained.

The showrunner and writer of the series is Julia Plecin charge of adapting the saga of Richelle Mead’s six novels for television and which already had two spin-offs: The Originals and Legacies in addition to the 2014 film.

And now, in 2022, ‘Vampire Academy’ becomes the most anticipated television series in the Foral Community since it has been recorded in enclaves such as the Royal Palace of Olite, the Otazu winery or the Irache monastery.

For now, the series can be seen exclusively on Peacockthe streaming service owned by NBC Universal in the United States.

That’s not the only news. Let’s remember that a few months ago, the website of Peacock also revealed the name of the actors who would play the different characters in the series. Therefore… double joy!

Cast of ‘Vampire Academy’

  • SISI STRINGER She will play Rose Hathaway, a vampire-human hybrid known as the Dhampir. Passionate and outspoken, Rose is a fighter in spirit and in practice. She is always ready to jump into action.
  • DANIELA NIEVES She will play Lissa Dragomir, a real Moroi vampire. Growing up in the shadow of the heir, Princess Vasilissa Dragomir is generous, kind-hearted, and shows no interest in political machinations.
  • KIERON MOORE He will play Dimitri Belikov, the model of a Dhampir guardian. A lethal character, disciplined, discreet and totally committed to his role as bodyguard of the Moroi rulers.
  • ANDRE DAE KIM will play Christian Ozera, a real Moroi vampire. Intelligent and considerate, Christian is the ‘outcast’ of the school and the royal court due to the sins of his parents. Hungry for knowledge, he is always looking for the answers.
  • J. AUGUST RICHARDS He will play Victor Dashkov, a Moroi vampire noble with a heart of gold who is highly regarded for his role as Moroi political adviser. He is loyal and uses his intelligence and influence to protect what he values ​​most: the well-being of her husband and his adopted daughters.
  • ANITA-JOY UWAJEH she will play Tatiana Vogel, a Moroi vampire and politically inferior who, little by little, is introduced into the royal court; She is always motivated by love and a sense of justice.
  • MIA MCKENNA-BRUCE She will play Mia Karp, a student at Saint Vladimir Academy. Resourceful, sharp-tongued, and ruthless when necessary, non-royal Mia has a long-term plan to rise socially through the royal ranks. A plan that will be complicated by her chemistry with Meredith, a guardian-in-training…
  • RHIAN BLUNDELL She will play Meredith, an intelligent, strong-willed and observant Dhampir, which makes her an excellent tactician. She has little patience with Mia and with Rose.
  • jonetta kaisser She will play Sonya Karp. Calm, prudent, and decidedly weird, Sonya is not of royal lineage and sits on the fringes of Moroi society, preferring to spend her time in the library or in her garden… Mikhail will take her by surprise, taking an interest in her. . A relationship that will take them to the darkest and brightest places in her heart.
  • ANDREW LINER He will play Mason Ashford. Charming, loyal and popular, Mason is Rose’s main opponent in her quest to become the number one Guardian. Although their relationship is casual at first, he hopes that Rose will notice him and see something more.

The series ‘Vampire Academy’ is among Peacock’s most anticipated releases for this 2022

They reveal the first images of ‘Vampire Academy’, the new series recorded in Navarra