Tonight on TV Friday 2 September 2022, the programs on air

On Raiuno, the fiction The investigations of Lolita Lobosco, with Luisa Ranieri, Filippo Scicchitano, Lunetta Savino. On Rete 4, the third clue, a program hosted by Barbara De Rossi.

Tonight on TV Friday September 2, 2022. Up Raiduethe film – documentary All in one time smalldedicated to two great artists such as Franco Califano and Amanda Lear. On Channel 5 instead the fiction is broadcast Caputo Brothers with Cesare Bocci And Nino Frassica.

Tonight on TV Friday 2 September 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the drama The investigations of Lolita Loboscowith Luisa Ranieri, Philip They are silly And Savino bezel. Title of tonight’s episode, For my eyes only. Lolita (Luisa Ranieri) investigates the death of Bianca, a very beautiful woman who hadn’t been heard from for a week. An established harp player, Bianca had rented, without her husband’s knowledge, the apartment in which she was found dead. Lolita starts digging into the woman’s life.

On Raidueinstead, at 21.20, the film – documentary of 2022, by Maximum Five, All in one time small. Evening dedicated to two artists who have become true icons. In the first documentary we talk about Franco Califanowho passed away in 2013, author and interpreter of unforgettable songs, while the second is all about Amanda Lear. The story of Califano starts from his birth aboard a plane bound for Tripoli.

On Rai 5at 21.15, Art Night “Salvator Mundi”. Neri Marcorè dedicate the episode to Savior world. Ruined, restored, contested. With its sale at Christie’s for $450 million, the Savior worldattributed to Leonardostill makes all the art scholars in the world discuss today.

Mediaset, La7, Tv8 programmes

On Network 4at 21.20, The third clue. Tonight too Barbara De Rossi introduces and comments on the docu-fiction that reconstruct the news cases that have divided public opinion. The program, based on trials that have already gone through the three levels of judgement, tells the judicial truth through the interpretation of actors.

On Channel 5at 21.20, the fourth episode of the fiction Caputo Brothers. While all the women and boys of the Caputo household seem increasingly united, Alberto (Cesare Bocci) is cornered by a motion of no confidence. The idea came from Nino (Nino Frassica), determined more than ever to send his half-brother back to Milan together with his whole family.

On A7instead, at 21.15, Eden. It is now a fixed appointment for those who share the battle of Lycia Colo in defense of our planet. We are talking about the transmission that won the 2020 Flaiano Award as the best cultural programme.

On Tv8at 21.30, the yellow film for TV of 2020, by R. Johnson, The crimes of Barlume – Tana free everyonewith Philip Timi. During the lockdown, Pasquale has video chat appointments with Dolores, a beautiful Spanish woman. But when the woman disappears, he asks Massimo for help in finding her.

Nine, Real Time

On Nine And real-timeat 21.20, the talent Bake Off Italia: sweets in the oven. “Start the challenge!”. Benedetta Parodi presents the tenth edition, starting today, of the popular pastry competition. Judging the 16 contestants are there Ernst Knam, Damian Carrara and the “new entryThomas Leaf.

Tonight’s films Friday 2 September 2022

On Raitreat 21.25, the 2020 drama film, by Daniel Luchetti, Laceswith Louis LoCascio, Laura Morante, Alba Rohrwacher, Silvio Orlando. Naples. Aldo (Louis LoCascio) and Vanda (Alba Rohrwacher) get married very young and have two children. Over time, the man feels suffocated and loses his head for a student with whom he runs away to Rome, abandoning his wife and children, even though he knows that this adventure will have no future.

On Rai 4instead, at 21.20, the action film of 2020, by Ariel Winograd, The robbery of the centurywith Diego Peretti. 2006. A gang of thieves, led by Fernando Araujo, decides to rob the Banco Rio branch in Acassuso. It was one of the most famous and best-conceived coups in Argentine history.

On Rai Movieat 21.10, the 2016 science fiction film, by Denis Villeneuve, Arrivalwith Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner. Some alien spacecraft land on Earth. Linguistics expert Louise Banks is selected to be part of a team that will have to figure out their intentions.

20 Mediaset, Iris, Cine34

On 20 Mediasetat 21.05, the fantastic film of 2005, by James McTeigue, V for Vendettawith Natalie Portman, John Hurt. In an England that escaped nuclear war and oppressed by a ferocious dictatorship, a young girl allies herself with a masked hero who is fighting for freedom and justice.

On Irisat 21.00, the 2009 biopic, by Sherry Hormann, Desert flowerwith Liya Kebede. The story of Waris Dirie, born into a nomadic family in a village in Somalia. She became a well-known top model and she will be the UN ambassador for women’s rights.

On Cinema34at 21.00, the 2009 drama film, by Giuseppe Tornatore, Baariawith Francis Scianna, James Poretti. From the farmhand grandfather to the emigrant nephew, passing through the communist Peppino: three generations of the Torrenuova family of Bagheria tell the story of the Italian twentieth century.

Tonight on TV Friday 2 September 2022, films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Twoat 21.15, the 2021 drama film, by A. Diwan, Anne’s choice – L’événementwith Anamaria Vartolomei. France, 1963. Anne becomes pregnant. The risk of seeing the future for which she studied vanish pushes her towards what she believes to be the only solution: an abortion. But it’s illegal.

On Sky Cinema Familyhowever, at 21.00, the 2001 drama film, by Thomas Carter, Save the last dancewith Julia Stiles, Kerry Washington. After her mother died, Sara gave up ballet and moved to Chicago. Here she makes friends with Derek, a young black man who teaches us to dance hip-hop.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 21.00, the 2018 war film, by Nicolai Fuglsig, 12 soldierswith Chris Hemsworth. Following the 9/11 attacks, America sends 12 soldiers to Afghanistan, led by Captain Nelson. It will be the first response to the terrorist attack that shook the nation.

On Sky Cinema Suspensefinally, at 21.00, the 1997 thriller film, by Gary Fleder, The collectorwith Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd. Detective Alex Cross investigates a serial killer who has kidnapped numerous girls, including the policeman’s niece. He is joined by Kate MacTiernan, a doctor who escaped the maniac.

Tonight on TV Friday 2 September 2022, the programs on air