Tonight on TV Friday May 27, 2022, the programs on air

On Raiuno, the talk show Domenica In Show with Mara Venier. On Rete 4, current affairs with Quarto gradi, a program conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi.

Tonight on TV Friday May 27, 2022. Up Raitrethe drama film Bombshellwith Charlize Theron. On Nine instead the variety show is broadcast The best Crozza Brotherswith Maurice Crozza.

Tonight on TV Friday 27 May 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the talk show Sunday On Show. To celebrate the success of this edition, the Sunday show hosted by Mara Venier arrives in prime time for a special episode full of guests and moments of entertainment. Meanwhile aunt Mara has confirmed that he will be at the helm of “Sunday In” also in the next television season.

On Rai 5at 21.15, Art Night. The life and works of Mimmo Paladin, one of the most prolific and multifaceted contemporary artists, from the first successes to the illustrious collaborations following the Italian Transavantgarde. Video follows”Correggio, in the shadow of the light“.

Mediaset, La7, Tv8 programmes

On Network 4at 21.20, the news with Fourth grade. Unsolved mysteries and news stories involving public opinion are always at the center of the investigative program conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi with Alessandra Viero. The broadcast will end on June 3, but will return in August with special appointments of “Fourth Grade – Stories“.

On A7however, at 21.15, the news with Live propaganda. One of the secrets of the program of Diego whites is the team that has been following him in this adventure for years: among others, the cartoonist and co-author Makkox and journalists Marco Damilano, Francesca Schianchi And Paul Sallet.

On Tv8at 21.30, the game show Name That Tune. Penultimate appointment with the musical game conducted by Fabio Balsam And Cyrus Priello. Tonight again, two teams, each made up of four celebrities, will have to prove their songwriting prowess.

Nine, Real Time

On Nineat 21.25, the variety show The best Crozza Brothers. Once the live appointments are over, we find the most loved sketches of the last season of the show Maurice Crozza. Among the expected imitations those of Alessandro Orsini, Pope francesco And Maria Elisabetta Alberti Box yourself.

On real-timeat 21.20, the game show This is my home!. Every week, Zorzi, Orlando, Wine cutter, Foria And Talk they measure themselves against four competitors. Everyone shows their house, but only one tells the truth. The winner will receive a supply of fabrics for his home.

Tonight’s films Friday May 27, 2022

On Raitreat 21.20, the 2020 drama film, by Jay Roach, Bombshellwith Charlize Theron. 2016. During an election debate with Trumpthe journalist of Fox News, Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron) asks him uncomfortable questions, which send the future president and also Roger Ailes, boss of the channel, into a rage. Meanwhile, a colleague of Kelly ponders reporting Ailes for harassment.

On Rai 4instead, at 21.20, the action film of 2019, by Wilson Yip, IP man 4with Donnie Yen. Ip Man’s teenage son, refractory to the education system, is expelled from school. The father then decides to consider the possibility of sending him to America to study.

On Rai Movieat 21.10, the 2018 biopic, by Mimi Leder, A just causewith Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer. The true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who, despite her talent, is rejected by law firms because she is a woman. She then decides to open a process on gender discrimination.

On 20 Mediasetat 21.00, the 1999 science fiction film, by Lana Wachowski, matrixwith Keanu Reeves. Computer programmer Neo meets the beautiful Trinity who reveals an incredible truth to him: computers hold humans captive in a virtual world.

On Irisat 21.00, the 1995 drama film, by Ron Howard, Apollo 13with Tom Hanks. Prisoners in a malfunctioning spacecraft, astronauts Jim, Fred and Jack try to survive. Meanwhile, back on Earth, another crew races against time to get them home.

Tonight on TV Friday 27 May, films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Twoat 21.15, the drama Block 181with Laura Osma, Cyrus Visco. Laura Osma, who plays Bea, is a Colombian actress who has loved theater since she was a child. As a teenager she moved to Buenos Aires to study acting. She is known for her role as Elba in the series “El Chapo“.

On Sky Cinema Familyfinally, at 21.00, the comedy film of 2021, by Malcolm D. Lee, Space Jam: New legendswith LeBron James. Dom, son of basketball star LeBron James, is kidnapped by the evil Al-G Rhythm. To free him, LeBron and the Looney Tunes compete in a basketball game with the “followers” of Al-G.

Tonight on TV Friday May 27, 2022, the programs on air