Tonight on TV: “Near the horizon” on Rai 2

Near the horizonon Rai 2 the film adaptation of the homonymous biographical bestseller by Jessica Koch directed by Tim Trachte and starring Luna Wedler and Jannik Schümann.

Near the Horizon – Cast and Characters

Luna WedlerJessica
Jannik Schümann: Danny
Luise Befort as Tina
Victoria Meyer: Johanna, Jessicas mother
Stephan Kampwirth Rufus, father of Jessicas
Denis Moschitto as Jörg
Frederick Lau: Dogan
Henry HornJakob
Kristin Alia HunoldVanessa
Martha Martin: Jana

Near the Horizon – Official storyline

Life-hungry Jessica and the handsome and handsome Danny meet at the carnival and fall in love. At first it seems like they are the perfect match with a bright future ahead of them. But not long after Jessica has to realize that Danny is hiding something from her behind her charismatic facade. As Danny gradually reveals her difficult fate, she must recognize that a future with Danny – if she exists – will be completely different from what she had hoped for…

Trivia about the movie

  • Director Tim Trachte also directed the family comedies Benjamin Blumchen, Vampire Sisters 3 – Return to Transylvania and several episodes of the TV series Biohackers.
  • Tim Trachte directs “Near the Horizon” from a screenplay by Ariane Schröder (Tour de Force) based on the novel of the same name by writer Jessica Koch.
  • Swiss actress Luna Wedler (Jessica) also starred Blue My Mind – The secret of my years, The Story of My Wife and played Mia Akerlund in the TV series “Biohacker”.
  • German actor Jannik Schümann (Danny) also starred in Barbara’s choice, High Society – When opposites attract, Submergence, The consequencethe Monster Hunter live-action movie and TV series Tribes of Europe And Sisi.

The official plot of the novel: One October evening, Jessica meets Danny, a twenty-year-old half-German, half-American boy who hypnotizes her with his intense blue eyes and charming ways. Jessica is only seventeen, she has just finished school and has a future full of possibilities ahead of her. Danny, on the other hand, has been working and living alone for some time, and for some reason that Jessica can’t understand she keeps others away from her and doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship. When it becomes clear to both that it is now impossible to escape love, Danny’s armor is shattered and he reveals a truth so painful to upset all the certainties of his life. At that point Jessica will be faced with the most difficult decision: to give up that newly blossomed love that is already in danger of withering away or to fight for every intoxicating second of happiness?

Jessica Koch’s novel “Near the Horizon” is available at Amazon.

Near the Horizon – The Soundtrack

  • The original music of the film is by the composer Michael Kamm (Prey, Kidnapping Stella, Whatever Happens, Sleepless).
  • The soundtrack includes a cover of the song “To Love Somebody” performed by Scott Matthew.


1. Summer ’99 1:47
2. Wo wohnst Du 0:47
3. Heimfahrt 0:51
4. Auf dem Hügel 1:00
5. Das sollten wir bald mal wiederholen 1:05
6. Gute Nacht 0:49
7. Einladung 1:03
8. Du kannst Dich nicht ewig hier verstecken 1:28
9. Ich pass schon auf 0:42
10. Wieso steht da mein Name drauf 2:24
11. Notaufnahme 2:58
12. Tina 2:34
13. Mir geht’s gut… 0:45
14. Diagnosis 2:57
15. Erinnerungen 0:55
16. Strand 1:41

The soundtrack of “Close to the horizon” is available on Amazon.

Tonight on TV: “Near the horizon” on Rai 2