Tonight on TV: “Nobody like us” on Canale 5

Cast and characters

Alessandro Preziosi: Umberto Fioravanti
Sarah FelberbaumBetty Button
Christiane Filangieri as Ludovica Martinelli
Elisa Di Eusanio: Susi
Vincenzo Creates: Vincenzo
Leonardo PazzagliRomeo Fioravanti
Sabrina Martina: Catherine
Davide Campagna: Sergio
Lorenza Veronica: boutique saleswoman
Dodi Conti: tavern owner

The plot

Betty (Sarah Felberbaum) is a beautiful, maverick high school teacher and single by choice. Umberto (Alessandro Preziosi) is a well-known university professor, charming, arrogant in the throes of a boring and passionless marriage. The two meet for the first time when Umberto and his wife Ludovica (Christiane Filangieri) decide to enroll their rebellious son in the high school where Betty teaches. Despite a stormy first meeting, an overwhelming passion breaks out between them… Their story is intertwined with that of Vince (Vincenzo Crea), who is madly in love with Cate (Sabrina Martina), the beautiful classmate, who in turn ends up losing the head for Romeo (Leonardo Pazzagli), Vince’s best friend and Umberto’s son. The school life of a quiet high school suddenly turns into a love triangulation in which everyone will end up discovering that in love and friendship there are both joy and pain and to fully experience them one must be willing to make choices, whatever the cost…


  • Nobody like us is directed by Volfango De Biasi (L’agenzia dei liars) from his own screenplay written with Luca Bianchini (Io che amo solo te), Marco Ponti (Io che amo solo te) and Tiziana Martini (A monstrous family), from the novel of the same name by Bianchini.
  • The team that supported director Volfango De Biasi behind the scenes included director of photography Roberto Forza (A monstrous family, Christmas dinner), editor Stefano Chierchiè (Me and Marilyn, Liars’ agency), set designer Giorgio Barullo (In a Beautiful Place, Spaccapietre) and costume designer Grazia Materia (Perfect Strangers, Liars’ Agency).
  • The film was shot in Turin over a period of five weeks (November-December 2017)

Who is Volfango De Biasi?

After studying acting between Paris and Los Angeles, Volfango De Biasi began his career in the world of cinema by directing a segment of the 1996 episodic film “Esercizi di stile”, entitled “Senzaoutput”. After directing some short films, music videos and documentaries including “Matti per il calcio” in 2006, in 2007 he directed the film with Nicolas Vaporidis and Cristiana Capotondi, “As you want me”. In 2008 he wrote and directed the documentary “Solo amore”. In 2009, he again directs Nicolas Vaporidis together with Laura Chiatti in the film “Iago”. In 2010 he is the screenwriter of the award-winning “Twenty cigarettes”. In 2012 he was the screenwriter of the blockbuster “Colpi di Fulton” by Neri Parenti, winner of the Golden Ticket. In 2013 he was the screenwriter of the blockbuster “Colpi di fortuna” again by Neri Parenti, again winner of the Golden Ticket. In 2014 he wrote and directed the Christmas film “A Stunning Christmas” with Lillo & Greg and Ambra Angiolini. In 2015 he wrote and directed “Natale col boss” with Lillo & Greg, Paolo Ruffini, Francesco Mandelli and Peppino di Capri. In 2016 he wrote and directed “Christmas in London – God save the Queen” with Lillo & Greg, Nino Frassica and Paolo Ruffini. Also in 2016 he presented “Crazy for Football” at the Rome Film Fest and with the same won the David di Donatello and the Special Mention at the Nastri d’Argento for Best Documentary 2017. Later in 2018 he participated in the organization of the second world for people with mental health problems Dream World Cup 2018. In 2018 he shoots “Liars”, with Giampaolo Morelli and Massimo Ghini. The film, distributed by Medusa, is a comedy and is expected to be released in theaters in January 2019. He taught screenwriting at the La Sapienza University of Rome and the European Institute of Design.

The original novel

Luca Bianchini was born in Turin in 1970 and attended the Majorana high school in Moncalieri. With Mondadori he has published “Instant love” (2003), “Ti seguo ogni notte” (2004), the biography of Eros Ramazzotti, “Eros – Lo giuro” (2005), “Se domani fai bel tempo” (2007), “ We’re just friends” (2011) and “Tell me you believe in destiny” (2015). In 2013 the Apulian stories of “Io che amo solo te” and “La cena di Natale” of “Io che amo solo te” conquered the rankings and the hearts of readers. Two highly successful films were made from these novels in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 he published the novel “Nessuno come noi” from which the film directed by Volfango De Biasi is freely based.

The official synopsis of the novel: Turin, 1987. Vincenzo, for friends Vince, an aspiring sandwich maker and aspiring seventeen year old, is in love with Caterina, known as Cate, his third year classmate, who instead falls in love with everyone except him. Without realizing it, she makes him suffer by constantly asking him for love advice under the perplexed eyes of Spain, the school goth, black hair and a biting tongue. In class Vince, Cate and Spain are called “Three’s House”, like the inseparable trio of their favorite sit-com. The balance of this cheerful trio is upset, in the middle of the school year, by the arrival of Romeo Fioravanti, handsome, spoiled and a little arrogant, who has already failed one year and is in danger of losing another. Romeo is about to turn eighteen, embodies the 80s cliché and thinks he knows everything just because he comes from a good family. But Vince and Cate, unintentionally, will question his certainties. To watch over them there will always be Betty Bottone, the passionate Italian teacher, who scolds them in French and does modern dance exercises while explaining Dante. She too will fall into the trap of adolescence and begin a journey for which no one ever prepares you enough: that of unexpected love, which makes your heart beat even when it “shouldn’t”. In a state high school where the rich of the hills and the less privileged of the Turin suburbs meet, Vince, Cate, Romeo and Spagna will set off on a journey of self-discovery without having a computer or smartphone available to show them the way, asking , banging around, writing notes and begging a landline to ring when I’m home. And above all, understanding how important it is not to be afraid of your weaknesses.

The novel “Nobody like us” by Luca Bianchini is available on Amazon.

The soundtrack

  • The original music of the film is by the composer Michael Braga (Dogman, The teachers are coming, Blessed madness, Freaks Out, Bad Poet, The incredible story of the Rose Island, Generation 56k). Braga and director Volfango De Biasi have been regular collaborators since As you want meDe Biasi’s debut from 2007. De Biasi’s Braga has no music Christmas with the boss and Christmas in London – God Save the Queen.


1. Umberto 1:03
2. Cat 2:02
3. Betty 1:20
4. Pedantic cynicism 0:41
5. Change my life 1:14
6. In the Room of Love 1:18
7. Unexpected Encounters 2:01
8. Romeo Vs Vince 2:11
9. Go to Milan 2:14
10. I’m like you 1:19
11. I’ll ask you out 1:45
12. No One Like Us 3:21
13. Baby don’t Stop 2:05
14. Fast Food 2:04
15. Just an Illusion 3:28
16. My Name Is Romeo 1:06
17. Please don’t go 3:27
18. She Drives me Crazy 3:36

The soundtrack of “Nobody like us” is available on Amazon.

Tonight on TV: “Nobody like us” on Canale 5