Tonight on TV | the films not to be missed on January 19, 2023

Poster of the film Chocolat

This evening the digital terrestrial and Sky Cinema schedule offers a variety of titles suitable for all members of your family. If you want to find out which films are recommended for Tuesday 17 January 2023 dedicated to the usual undecided people, to people tired from work or household chores, read on!

The films present on the digital terrestrial channels and on the Sky Cinema platform for Tuesday 17 January 2023 offer titles from the past and present to its subscribers. As always, for all the people who want to deepen the synopsis, you can click on the player and see the trailers.

The TV programming of January 17, 2023


Towards the end of the 50s they arrive in a small French village Vianne rocher and the daughter Anouk. Their arrival will lead the inhabitants to divide between those who are happy with their arrival and those who are not at all happy because of the women’s profession. Her chocolate shop finds the count’s wrath Paul de Reynaud, for having been opened during the week of the Lenten fast. besides the fact that it is a place dedicated to gluttony. In addition to this, the arrival of the globetrotter Roux and the relationship with Vianne will only attract the hatred of fellow citizens.

I PRESENT YOU MINE – Sky Cinema Comedy – 21.00

The young nurse Greg Fotter madly in love with his girlfriend Pam Byrnes so much so that I was about to take her to the altar. This choice will lead him to know the young women’s family, especially her father Jack Byrnes. A very suspicious and protective guy with his daughters. When Jack meets Greg, he begins to put pressure on the boy to see if he is worthy of his second daughter, using various tools used when the man was in the Secret Service.

THE FRIENDS OF THE BRIDE – TwentySeven – 21.10

The news of the impending wedding of Lillianbring her best friend Annie deal with a thousand commitments, typical of the bridesmaid. Although the woman is experiencing a very delicate moment in her life, she will also meet Lilian’s other friends. How Helen, Lilian’s future husband’s wife, future sister-in-law Megan, then, there is Becca and the cousin Rita. Helen will take care of organizing the bachelorette party, determined to take her place as Lilian’s best friend.

ENTRY – Rai Movie – 21.10

Known art thief Robert MacDougal becomes suspect number one when a Rembrandt is stolen in New York. The insurance agent Virginia Gin Baker to avoid 24 million dollars in compensation, she will make the boss choose her to find the thief. When she manages to lure Dougal into her trap by posing as a skilled thief, the two decide to join forces to take a precious cinema mask kept in London. What will happen between the two when the truth comes out?


Based on the 1850 novel, Herman Melville listens and decides to write the story of Thomas Nickerson occurred thirty years earlier. When he was just a cabin boy, dependent on the first mate Owen Chase and of George Pollard, he suddenly found himself having to deal with a large white whale, about to strike the ship Essex. Just Pollard, known for his braggart and arrogant character, after 90 days after the shipwreck, will see several changes in his person and beyond.

.THE COLLINI CASE – Rai 5 – 21.15

The story relives the murder of Jean-Baptiste Meyer, a respectful industrialist much loved by the people. To be blamed for his death is the worker Fabrizio Collini, recently retired after years of service in his company. To deal with the defense of him, the young lawyer Caspar Leinenformer boyfriend in Meyer’s niece.

Tonight on TV | the films not to be missed on January 19, 2023