Tonight on TV Thursday April 21, 2022, the programs on air

Tonight on TV Thursday April 21st 2022. Up Rai 3 Franco Di Mare leads Special Borders. Channel 5 transmit Big Show with Enrico Papi.

Tonight on TV Thursday April 21st 2022Rai programming

Rai 1, at 21:30, broadcast fiction Don Matthew 13 with Maria Chiara Giannetta. In the episode So far, so close, Cecchini suddenly finds himself the center of attention due to a particular literary case. In fact, a series of mysteries has been published that seems to be inspired by his character.

On Rai 2at 21:15, 2010 comedy film airs, Males against females with Fabio De Luigi. The film intertwines the story of some protagonists. Walter, a volleyball coach, cheats on his wife with one of his students, while Andrea and her friend Marta discover that they are in love with the same girl. Diego, on the other hand, falls in love with Chiara, the only one who has always refused her courtship.

Rai 3, at 21.25, transmit Special Borders conducted by Franco Di Mare. In the special appointment, the director of Rai 3 retraces all the stages of the war between Russia and Ukraine. A journey that begins on February 24, 2022 when the first Russian troops have started to cross the border.

Tonight on TV Thursday April 21st 2022Programs, Mediaset films

Network 4, at 21.20, it goes on the air Straight and reverse. Paul Del Debbio deals with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, especially the economic repercussions of the sanctions and Russian propaganda. Focus also on the controversies arising from the position taken by one of the exponents of the Italian Partisans Association. Among the guests Elisabetta Gualmini, Andrea Ruggieri and Paola Ferrero.

Channel 5at 21.25, broadcast a new episode of Big Show with Enrico Papi. In each appointment everyone can become, unbeknownst to them, protagonists managing to make one of their dreams come true, for example. Guests Ivana Spagna and Ron.

Italy 1at 21.25, airs the 2012 action movie, Taken – Revenge with Liam Neeson. His wife Lenore and daughter Kim join secret agent Bryan Mills in Istanbul. Their happiness is soon turned upside down because some criminals are intent on kidnapping all three of them.

Tonight on TV, La7, Tv8, Nine

On A7at 2.35, goes on air A clean sweep. Conrad Formigli continues to deal not only with the war between Russia and Ukraine but also with other more relevant issues in the political and economic fields, at a national and international level. Present guests in the studio and in connection.

Tv8, at 21.30, broadcasts the 2004 action film, Squad 49 with John Travolta. The Fireman Jack remains trapped in a burning building. While waiting for help from his colleagues, he sees his whole life flow through a series of flashbacks.

Nine, at 21.25, broadcasts the 2006 comedy film, At home with his with Sarah Jessica Parker. Thirty-five-year-old Tripp, a great sailing enthusiast, still lives at home with his parents. The latter will do everything to send him away.

Movies tonight on Iris, Cine34

Irisat 21.00, broadcast the 2002 drama film, The pianist with Adrien Brody. The well-known pianist Szpilman was deported to the ghetto during the Nazi invasion where he witnessed the horror of racial persecution with his own eyes.

Cinema34, at 21.00, broadcasts the 1979 comedy film, Velvet Hands with Adriano Celentano and Eleonora Giorgi. The engineer Guido Quiller, who has patented an anti-theft glass, falls madly in love with the thief Tilli. To be able to win her over he pretends to be a mugger.

Tonight on TV Thursday April 21st 2022film broadcast on Sky

Sky Cinema Oneat 21.15, broadcast comedy film 2022, Beautiful bye with Pius and Amedeo. Pio and Amedeo, who live in Southern Italy, have known each other since they were children. After finishing high school Pio decides to move to Milan to seek his fortune. He doesn’t know that his fate will cross again with Amedeo.

Sky Cinema Two, at 21.15, proposes the film 2020 biopic, The Percy Trial with Christopher Walken. The Canadian farmer Percy is called to trial by the multinational Monsanto for having planted seeds that contain genes produced by their industry.

On Sky Cinema Family, at 21.15, it is expected the film adventure of 2014, Vampire sister 2- Bats in the stomach with Martha Martin. Sisters Silvania and Dakaria must join forces to thwart the plans of an evil vampire. Meanwhile Dakaria falls in love for the first time.

On Sky Cinema Action, at 21.00, the 2015 action film is aired, Close Range with Scott Adkins. Former soldier Colton MacReady decides to return to action when his family begins to be threatened by a group of drug traffickers.

Sky Cinema Suspense, in the end, at 21.00, proposes the film action of 2015, Into the Grizzly Maze with Thomas Jane. Two brothers return to Alaska to their childhood home where their parents lived. When they decide to go on a hike together but don’t know that a specimen of grizzly bear is on their trail.

Tonight on TV Thursday April 21, 2022, the programs on air