If we had already listed some of the best movie twists most of those came in the latter part of the movie, as a good old twist on the finale traditionally is. However, some works break free from this rule and decide to completely break the codes by putting their twist in the middle of the story, which is ambitious and sometimes works really well. I warn you, however, that this top contains spoilers, so as not to spoil a film, go to the next point.

Gone Girl

If you’ve seen the movie (or read the novel, which I recommend) you’ve probably noticed that halfway through it came a big fat twist that redefined the whole story: it’s the woman who faked her kidnapping and she’s very, very scary, she’s going so far in her plan. We also spend a good part that follows from his point of view and it really changes the direction of the story in a very successful way.


If you haven’t seen this excellent film go and correct that right away, for the others you probably remember the famous twist: the brave employee is not only not alone on the moon, he is quite simply one of the many clones created to officiate at his post. We therefore learn that his whole life is invented and that he will never return to Earth, but in addition his “lifespan” is only a few years and he quickly perishes. It’s sad, but it’s well done.


Where Hitchcock had achieved quite a masterstroke by making Psychosis is that everyone expected the movie to center around the character of Marion Crane and potentially show her final showdown against a killer (Norman Bates or her mother, we don’t know yet at this point) . Except that in the middle of the film Marion is stuck in her shower in an anthology scene and it’s her boyfriend and her sister who come to investigate at the motel while Norman becomes partly the protagonist of this second part of the film.

The Crying Game

Those who saw it remember: The Crying game starts from a fairly simple concept of a love triangle that we could have seen a thousand times before, however, when the main character discovers that the woman already in a relationship with whom he has fallen in love is in fact a transsexual the film takes another turn and above all addresses much more complex themes, making it a film to have seen in your life. As Roger Rabbitbut for different reasons.

The skin that lives

In the genre “disturbing film” The skin that lives is a bloody masterstroke, because disturbing it is enormously. Initially it’s about a plastic surgeon who tries to make synthetic skin to help victims of burns. Except that he keeps a woman captive in his home and does his operations on her to perfect his invention. And there, big twist: the woman in question is a man who allegedly raped the doctor’s daughter and whom he subjected to a sex change operation to transform him into a woman and pretend he was married to her. Yeah, it’s a happy mess.

Last pub before the end of the world

The final part of the trilogy Corneto brought with him his universe: that of an old group of friends gathered to go and have a drink in the city of their childhood and to tour the bars. All in all, a good movie for friends, except that in the middle of their evening we realize that all the people in town are in fact weird robots against whom the characters will spend the second part of the film fighting. Original and funny, it was very successful.


The Hancock twist could clearly be one of the worst twists in history (sorry but really that sucked). If the beginning begins as a rather funny superhero movie, it becomes in the middle a fucking pile of biblical clichés where we learn that in reality Hancock was an angel like this woman of whom he has no memory and who was his woman in ancient times. No, no, no, but the twist comes right in the middle so it fits in this list.

Boulevard of Death

The one that is often unfairly judged as the least loved Tarantino film had some good ideas, one of which was to get rid of absolutely all the main characters halfway through its story. Once the character played by Kurt Russel bumps into the four heroines by “accident” on the road, we begin to follow four new ones, much more badass who decide to stand up to the villainous killer until they eat the dust and a few teeth with. A good love letter to the good car movies of the 70s.

one night in hell

It’s not even just that the twist happens in the middle of the film, it’s downright that the film changes genre in the middle and it is very successful. When the Gecko brothers find themselves locked up for the night in the “Titty Twister” bar, most of his customers turn into vampires and start eating everyone, transforming a classic gangster movie into a very cool fantasy film in the process.

Spider-man: far from home

While the first part of the film shows us Peter Parker on a school trip to Venice with his class, it also lets us understand that the latter will team up with Mysterio to get rid of horrible extraterrestrial creatures in a dantesque final fight. Except that it is not so: we realize halfway through the film that Mysterio is a dark bastard of first class who uses holograms to stage attacks and that only Spiderman seems to be aware of the horrible truth, this which is a syndrome common to many movie heroes.

Did you notice that halfway through this top we changed editors? Well no, because it is wrong. Sorry, I couldn’t find a good twist.

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