Top 20 best vampire movies

Are you fascinated by Count Dracula? Here are 20 of the best vampire movies, most of them based on bestselling novels for sale on Amazon.

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The representation of the vampire in cinema

Check out the 20 best vampire movies. Credit: iStock

The vampire is a cinematographic figure complex and fascinating for big fans of horror films and of thriller novel. This legendary and fantastic creature from the Carpathians would have appeared for the first time in 1725, in the legends of Arnold Paole and Peter Plogojowitz. It would be two Austrian fighters who lost their lives during a war between Austria and the Ottoman Empire. They would be come back from the dead as vampires to haunt the villages of Medvegja and Kisiljevo. Count Dracula, often referred to in fantasy stories, comedies, horror scripts and romances, is most famous vampire. It is present in both novels and cinema.

From directors FW Murnau to Francis Ford Coppola to Jhon Carpenter, many filmmakers have brought vampires and their bloodlust on the screens. This sulphurous character is represented in many films and cult series such as True Blood,buffy the vampire slayer,Vampire Diaries, and many others. Dracula is depicted as a very charismatic aristocrat or on the contrary very dark. He lives in a huge, spooky castle and has supernatural powers like the ability to shapeshift into an animal, hear whispers miles away, or hypnotize humans. This is how he can drink the blood of his victims and put them in a daze without anyone noticing.

The 20 best vampire movies in cinema

1/ Best vampire film: Dracula, pages from the diary of a virgin

This movie is a classic vampire movie. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Released on December 31, 2003, this vampire fantasy film is also a musical. Far from the sinister atmosphere of horror movies, this is a film adaptation of Gustav Gustav Mahler’s novel performed by dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

2/ Best vampire film: Vampyr

Cinema poster from the film Vampyres. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Among the best vampire films in cinema, the fantasy and horror film Vampyr sees Dracula incarnate in a female version. The scenes of disturbing noises and appearances in a very dark inn combine all the conditions to give goosebumps.

3/ Best vampire film: Dracula

The movie poster of the very famous Dracula. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Made in 1993 and revived in 2020, this spooky-horror film, tinged with romance and bathed in blood, tells a story that took place in 1492. Prince Vlad Dracul, returning from a battle against Russia, finds his bride dead, suicide. Devastated, he curses God and becomes Count Dracula. This is one of the best vampire movies in cinema history.

4/ Best vampire film: Nosferatu the vampire

Scene from the movie Nosferatu the Vampire. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Released on February 14, 1996 and revived on December 11, 2013, this film Dracula has many night scenes. Thomas Hutter, the main character, is attacked several times by vampires who drink his blood while he is in Count Orlok’s castle on a mission.

5/ Best vampirefantasy film: Morse

The movie Morse is one of the most famous vampire movies. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This horror and fantasy film released on February 4, 2009 follows the story of young Oskar, a teenager who feels bad about himself and is martyred by his classmates. During a freezing night, he takes refuge in a snowy courtyard to imagine his revenge and sees himself transformed into a vampire by an evil force. The bloodbath then begins.

6/ Best vampire film: Interview with a vampire

Excerpt from the film Interview with the Vampire. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, this horror drama is set in the 90s. Young journalist Malloy is fascinated by the very dark and charismatic Louis, accused of a crime. The young journalist asks Louis to introduce him to the world of vampires.

7/ Best vampire movie: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust vampire movie movie poster. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Most of the scenes in this harrowing film take place at night in order to portray the world of darkness to perfection. In a post-apocalyptic world, the hunt for bloodthirsty vampires is on, leaving the population in utter terror.

8/ Best vampire movie: Dracula’s Nightmare

Excerpt from a scene from the film The Nightmare of Dracula. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Released in 1959, this fantastic movie, dread and horror tells the adventures of the young and intrepid Jonathan Harker. He goes to Count Dracula who has hired him as a librarian. Basically, Jonathan wishes to become as formidable as Dracula. He does not hesitate to succumb to the charms of a female vampire to whom he gives his blood.

9/ Best dracula film: Vampires in complete privacy

Vampires In All Intimacy is one of the best vampire films. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Released in 2015, it is a comedy film about vampires. Aymeric, Miguel, Geoffroy and Bernard, 4 vampires born 200 years ago live together in the modern world. They try as best they can to adapt to community life while trying to control their bloodlust.

10/ Best vampire film: A night in hell

Excerpt from the film A Night in Hell with George Clooney. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This cinema success released in 1996 features actors like George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Keitel. It tells the fantastic adventures of two criminals fleeing the forces of order and having to face vampires.

11/ Best vampire film: Only Lovers Left Alive

Scene from the vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor.

This 2014 drama and romance film follows the life of young Adam, a depressed underground musician. He falls in love with Eve, a mysterious woman who confesses to him that she is a vampire.

12/ Best fantasy film Dracula: The Vampire Ball

The Vampire Ball is a classic vampire movie. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This vampire-themed comedy-horror movie hit theaters in 1968. It was revived in April 2010 by director Roman Polanski. The latter also plays the leading role alongside Sharon Tate. In a huge and sinister castle in Transylvania, an old scientist and his assistant hunt down strange vampires in order to study them.

13/ Best vampire movie: The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a very famous vampiric film. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Released in 2012, this vampire action movie tells the story of a scientist who is the only survivor of an epidemic that turned the rest of humanity into vampires. In need of fresh blood, these creatures want to rush to the scientist who is about to find a cure.

14/ Best vampire animated film: Hotel Transylvania

There are also animated films on the theme “vampire”, the proof! Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Serge Faliu, Adam Sandler and Alex Goude lend their voices to the characters in this highly anticipated and box office-best animated vampire film when it was released in 2013. The lavish Hotel Transylvania is owned by Drac ( Dracula). He welcomes monsters and their families so that they can have a pleasantly “monstrous” stay and relax away from humans.

15/ Best vampire horror film: Dracula

Cinema poster of the movie Dracula. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This fantasy vampire movie is another installment about Count Dracula who plays his hypnotizing power on young Renfield. Now under his control, this young real estate agent will serve as his bait to lure other people to turn into vampires by drinking their blood until he comes across a charming woman he is not capable of. hypnotize.

16/ Best vampire film: The Mistresses of Dracula

This horror movie is ranked among the best vampire movies. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This is a horror film released in cinemas in November 2017 on the occasion ofHalloween. The young and innocent Marianne is on her way to a boarding school for girls to take up the job of teacher when her coachman abandons her in a small village in Transylvania. She finds refuge in an inn and there meets the Baroness Meinster who invites her to spend the night in her castle. The latter is actually a vampire woman pursued by Doctor Van Helsing. The latter arrives in time to prevent him from drinking the blood of his young prey.

17/ Best romantic vampire film: Twilight, chapter I: fascination 00

This film phenomenon popularized vampire movies. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Great cinematic success, the first installment of the vampire film Twilight was released in 2008. It depicts the birth of passionate love between bella swan (Kristen Stewart), and Edward Cullen, from a long line of vampires. This film is the film adaptation of the novel “Fascination” by Stephenie Meyer and was awarded in 2009 by the MTV Movie Awards as “best film”.

18/ Best horror vampire film: Underworld

Linking vampires and love is possible! Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

Selene, a vampire woman in conflict with the werewolves nevertheless falls in love with one of them: Michael. Together, they will lead a new fight to establish peace between their two bloodthirsty clans.

19/ Best grueling vampire film: Thirst, this is my blood

Scene from the vampire film Thirst. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

This is a drama and horror film. A young priest volunteers to test a vaccine that could eradicate a disease that turns sick people into vampires.

20/ Best vampire fantasy film: At the borders of dawn

Scene from the vampire movie Borders of Dawn. Credit: AlloCiné film distributor

In small town Oklahoma, a fearless young man named Caleb meets the fascinating and lovely Mae. They have a good time together, but Maé begins to panic as dawn approaches. So she begs Caleb to take her home, which he only accepts in exchange for a kiss. The kiss will become a bite and will lead the young man into the world of vampires.

Top 20 best vampire movies