Turkish series: the best to see in Italy

Nowadays it is easier and easier to come across film or serial products from all over the world. Thanks to the new wave of interest in the audiovisual production of countries neglected until a few years ago, it is in fact possible to come across products from South Korea, India or, in particular, Turkey. The Turkish seriesin fact, they have always become recurring in the catalogs of the main streaming platforms or in television schedules. These are works full of passions, suspense and stories on the border between past and present. In order not to miss the best titles in existence today, here is a list of the best Turkish series to see in Italy.

Turkish TV series on Netflix

Turkish Netflix series

As is known, Netflix is ​​increasingly committed to offering products from different countries and contexts in its catalog, thus favoring the cultural exchange on which civilization is based. In recent years, in particular, the famous streaming giant has focused heavily on Turkish series, which have found their prominent place in the extensive catalog. Here is a list of the best Turkish series on Netflix:

  • The Protector. Endowed with mystical powers thanks to a talisman, a young trader embarks on an important mission to fight dark forces and solve a mystery related to his past. On Netflix you can find this Turkish science fiction series, consisting of 4 seasons for a total of 32 episodes. In short, it has become one of the most popular Turkish serial productions on Netflix.
  • Love 101. A group of teenagers tries in every way to prevent their beloved teacher from leaving the city. The boys decide to help the woman search for love as they try to find their way. Mostly suited to a teen audience, this 2-season series is another particularly popular Turkish production title in the Netflix catalog.
  • Driven by revenge, Mia, a human turned vampire, decides to fight Dmitry, a ruthless vampire leader in search of an object that guarantees immortality. For those who are fond of vampires and Turkish series, Immortals is the right title to watch. Between horror, drama, action and a lot of suspense, this series currently consists of 8 episodes is one of the spearheads of Netflix.
  • Black Money Love. Omar, a police officer, and Elif, the daughter of a prominent mobster in the city, meet when his girlfriend and her father are killed. Together, they try to understand the reasons for these crimes. Black Money Love it is absolutely one of the products that, even if years after its conclusion, which took place in 2015, has found great popularity thanks to its arrival on Netflix.
  • A desperate cleaner, searching for her missing husband, begins to discover the way she can get the answers she needs. A full-blown thriller, composed to date of a single season of six episodes. For all lovers of the genre, Fatma is one of the best Turkish series that can be found on Netflix.
  • The Gift. A young woman, who is a painter in Istanbul, embarks on a journey to discover the universal secrets of an archaeological site in Anatolia, while shedding light on her past. Thriller series consisting of 3 seasons for a total of 24 episodes, The Gift is an adaptation of the novel Dünyanın Uyanışı by Şengül Boybaş, which offers fascinating thriller aspects.
  • Midnight in Istanbul. In a historic Istanbul hotel, a journalist is suddenly catapulted into the past and must prevent a plot that could change the fate of modern Turkey. Turkish series produced in 2022, Midnight in Istanbul is made up to date of a single season of eight episodes. Thanks to its suspenseful history, however, it quickly became one of the most popular Turkish products on Netflix.
  • In Istanbul, some people transcend socio-cultural barriers and form deep bonds, while their fears and desires are intertwined in unexpected ways. Ethos is another popular Turkish series, much appreciated at home, where it has also sparked strong controversy due to political and social references relating to Turkey.
  • A young fan sneaks into the editorial office of a veteran host, but is soon confronted with the dark side of ambition, envy and the desire to be seen and known. On Netflix since June 2022, this series has also been very successful in Italy, in particular due to the intriguing way in which it explores the dark sides of our contemporaneity.
  • The Club. In cosmopolitan Istanbul of the 1950s, a mother with a troubled past works in a nightclub to reconnect and help her rebellious daughter who has failed to grow up. Gripping historical drama set in a Turkey profoundly different from today, The Club is by far one of the most bewitching Turkish series among those in the Netflix catalog.

Turkish TV series to watch in Italy

Turkish series to see in Italy

In recent years, Turkish series and soap operas have achieved great success in Italy. With their particular stories, stained by that culture of Turkey that has always aroused a certain charm, these series have established themselves as real rivals of the main Italian or American titles. For those who are passionate about it, here are the best Turkish series to see in Italy:

  • Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of love. Nazli is a young and ambitious cook who is still studying in order to one day realize her great dream: to open a Japanese restaurant. Her fate puts her in front of not simple choices and passions. Absolutely the best known Turkish series in Italy, which with her love story made countless spectators fall in love. The series also has the merit of having made the actor become Can Yaman a real celebrity in our country.
  • Daydreamer – The wings of the dream. Sanem is a young graduate whose life takes a radical turn when she starts working in a prestigious advertising agency. There she will meet Can, one of the sons of the owner of the company with whom she will fall irremediably in love. Romantic comedy consisting of 161 episodes, this series was broadcast on Canale 5 until May 2021. Among the protagonists we find the famous Can Yaman and the actress Demet Özdemi.
  • Wrong – Lessons of love. Ezgi is a girl determined to find some stability in life after leaving all her bad relationships behind. Özgür, her neighbor and her rich bartender, will offer to help her find her love by giving her advice about her but, between a chat and another, the two will end up falling in love with her. This is another of the most famous Turkish soap operas that have found great popularity in Italy. Also here among the protagonists is Can Yaman, in the role of Özgür.
  • Like Sisters. Ipek, Deren and Cilem are three women who, following the discovery of a mysterious letter, discover that they are sisters. Meeting for the first time, the three decide to find out why their relationship has been kept hidden until then. Family secrets, however, can be more dangerous than expected. A very good Turkish genre series mystery which has found great success in Italy.
  • Bitter land. Zuleyha and Yilmaz dream of getting married, but their life turns into a nightmare when a rich criminal tries to abuse the young woman and Yilmaz, protecting her, kills the criminal. Since that time, they have been fugitives in a land of impunity. Among the most popular Turkish soap operas, Bitter land has achieved great success in Italy thanks to its passage on Canale 5, proposing stories that combine melodrama and thriller.

Turkish series: the best to see in Italy