Tv Guide 24 August: Superquark, Rebels, Caputo Brothers

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Rai 1

  • 8:00 pm TG 1
  • 20:30 Techetecheté
  • 21:25 SuperQuark

Glaciers all over the world are melting faster and faster and it is estimated that by the end of the century, those of the Alps will have completely disappeared. This is why they are also monitored from space with satellites, but it is also essential to study them from the inside, to find out what weakens their “heart”.

A mechanism that seems to be the cause of recent and sudden disasters such as those of the Marmolada. The documentary of the Doc Lab made by Marco Visalberghi “Gli Ultimi Ghiacci” tells it, which opens the last episode “Superquark”, the final legacy of Piero Angela, broadcast on Wednesday 24 August at 21.20 on Rai 1. The documentary “enters” in the glaciers, in the tunnels and in the so-called glacial mills in the company of the speleologist Francesco Sauro and the astronaut Luca Parmitano to reveal the secrets and unusual faces of these ice giants.

Goal, then, on “personalized” medicine, with Barbara Gallavotti and Rita Antonelli: in Val d’Aosta a new center will study the DNA of thousands of people to understand what are the tiny characteristics that can affect our health and how to deal with them. In Greenland, on the other hand, Alberto Angela talks about the Inuit, a population able to live and survive in extreme conditions which, in winter, involve the absolute isolation of the individual agglomerations. A journey through history that also touches the archaeological site of Semermiut, Unesco heritage, scattered with traces of the first phases of human colonization of Greenland, and the museum of Qasigiannguit, a town where Inuit traditions are still well present and maintained.

Space also for technology, between microelectronics that can help those with particular types of blindness – as explained by Daniela Franco’s report on an international research of the Gemelli Hospital in Rome – and the Grenoble Synchrotron where the collaboration between doctors, biologists and physicists is by creating a new atlas of the human body and – say Paolo Magliocco and Daniela Franco – it is also possible to examine the damage to individual organs caused by pathologies such as covid. And again, in the service of Marco Visalberghi, all the new technologies for the safety of bridges, while Paolo Magliocco and Gianpiero Orsingher reveal how playing can help the mind stay in shape, slow down aging and fight cognitive decay: from card to electronic games and soon also to robots
Guests of Piero Angela, in the studio, for the columns of “Superquark”, Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi talks about the diet of footballers and salt in “Science in the kitchen”, Professor Alessandro Barbero tells the shortest war in history in “Behind the scenes of history ”and Massimo Polidoro explains how to recognize true plots and false plots in“ Psychology of a hoax ”.

  • 23:45 The Boy and the Big Elephant


Rai 2

  • 20:30 TG2 – 20.30
  • 21:00 TG2 Post
  • 21:20 Crimes in Paradise S11E4 – A difficult choice
  • 22:30 Professor T (UK) S1E4 – Mother’s love
  • 23:20 Eat Local – Dinner with vampires


Rai 3

  • 8:00 pm Blob
  • 20:20 The joy of music -PUCCINI – “Che gelida manina” from “La Bohème” – Episode of 11/05/2022
  • 20:50 Il Santone – S1E8 – Oscio is broken
  • 21:20 Rebels

Escaped from an abusive husband and returned to her hometown of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Sandra starts working in a fish canning company. One day to defend herself from the heavy advances of her boss, she accidentally kills him and then together with two colleagues who have witnessed the scene she discovers a bag full of money among the things of the deceased. It is the beginning of a daring series of troubles.


Network 4

  • 20:30 Countercurrent
  • 21:20 Upstream First Evening
  • 00:37 Two Destinies


Channel 5

  • 8:00 pm Tg5
  • 20:40 Paperissima Sprint Estate
  • 21:22 Caputo brothers
  • 23:31 Van Gogh – Between Wheat and Sky


Italy 1

  • 20:24 Shadow Unit – NCIS New Orleans
  • 21:20 The Hyenas Present Crime of Garlasco: the Truth by Alberto Stasi
  • 00:31 Zodiac: the Sign of the Apocalypse



  • 8:00 pm Tg La7
  • 20:35 On air
  • 21:15 The race to vote
  • 23:30 Ugly dirty and bad



  • 20:15 Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotels
  • 21:30 X Factor – The best of auditions
  • 23:40 Four weddings



  • 20:25 Deal With It – Play the game
  • 21:25 Signals from the future
  • 23:50 Ip Man


20 – Twenty

  • 20:13 The Disintegration of the Probe – The Big Bang Theory VIII
  • 20:36 Optimizing Anxiety – The Big Bang Theory VIII
  • 21:04 A Simple Case – The Equalizer
  • 21:58 The Room Where It Happens – The Equalizer
  • 22:54 Hunting Territory – The Equalizer
  • 23:46 The Sinner IV, 5


Rai 4

  • 20:35 Criminal Minds XII ep. 10
  • 21:20 Hole – The abyss
  • 22:55 Nightmare



  • 20:05 A Band of Toughs – Walker Texas Ranger VIII
  • 21:00 The Postman Always Rings Twice (By B. Rafelson)
  • 23:32 Extreme Measures


Rai 5

  • 20:13 Next stop America S3E3 – From Berkeley to Santa Cruz
  • 21:13 Luciano Pavarotti, the Star
  • 21:15 Tribute to Pavarotti – Verdi Requiem

On the day when the name of Luciano Pavarotti will appear among the stars of the legendary “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood “, Rai Cultura celebrates the great tenor by proposing the restored copy of his historic interpretation of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem Mass directed by Claudio Abbado, broadcast on Thursday 24 August at 9.15 pm on Rai 5.

Recorded in 1970 in the Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, in Rome, the Verdi Requiem sees among the protagonists, in addition to Pavarotti, Renata Scotto, Marilyn Horne, Nicolai Ghiaurov, the Rai Symphony Orchestra of Rome, and the Milan and Rome Choirs of Rai. The restoration of the film was carried out by the Cineteca di Bologna.

The Requiem is introduced by a small animation, lasting two minutes, written and directed by Gianluigi Toccafondo for the Celebrations in Los Angeles in memory of Luciano Pavarotti and on the occasion of the laying of the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The video is produced by Albedo Production.

  • 22:48 The Beatles and India


Rai Movie

  • 21:10 Miracles are accepted
  • 23:00 Stay away from me
  • 00:30 Stealth – Ultimate weapon


Rai Premium

  • 21:20 The Doctor of the Island – A strange accident
  • 23:00 I will look for you S1E2 – Trust
  • 00:45 Challenge to Heaven – Narcotics – S2E2



  • 20:05 Business in the dark
  • 20:30 Family business
  • 21:20 2-Headed Shark Attack
  • 22:55 Scandal
  • 00:55 Secretary



  • 8:00 pm The house on the prairie
  • 21:07 Pick me up!
  • 22:58 Tammy



  • 20:30 TG 2000
  • 20:50 Italy in prayer – Rosary
  • 21:40 This is life!
  • 23:45 Rimini meeting



  • 20:10 Sonia’s kitchen
  • 21:20 In war everything is allowed
  • 23:25 Target – Murder School


The 5

  • 21:10 Sorry But I Call You Love – Italian Romantic
  • 23:15 Sorry But I Want To Marry You – Romantic Italian


Real Time

  • 8:00 pm First date
  • 21:20 Catfish: False Identity
  • 23:15 The man with the penis on his arm
  • 00:10 The man without a penis



  • 21:04 Let’s undress so shamelessly …
  • 23:01 40 degrees in the shade of the sheet



  • 20:15 Monsters In The Desert – Things Of This World V
  • 21:15 Vie D’Acqua – Wild Mountains
  • 22:15 Balancing the Forest – Wild Mountains
  • 23:15 Water Landing – Mayday: Air Disaster – The Accident Files IV
  • 00:15 Extreme Conditions – Mayday: Air Disaster – The Accident Files IV



  • 21:10 Astrid et Raphaelle
  • 23:30 Balthazar


TOP Crime

  • 20:15 Return to Sender – Part II – Major Crimes II
  • 21:10 Lawyer, it’s Chinatown – Law & Order: Special Unit XXI
  • 22:04 The Dream Of The Mechanical Elves – Law & Order: Special Unit XXI
  • 22:59 Inferno – Law & Order: Special Unit X


Italy 2

  • 20:20 Family Secrets – Modern Family
  • 20:45 A Special Day – Modern Family
  • 21:15 Once Upon a Time Lupine – Animation
  • 23:17 Tremors 3: Back To Perfection



  • 21:25 A family out of this world
  • 23:15 This strange world


Rai History

  • 20:10 The day and the story of August 24, 2022
  • 20:30 Elements of the Unesco intangible cultural heritage. The traditional agricultural practice of growing grapes
  • 20:35 Past and Present – Tondi, the Jesuit spy for the PCI
  • 21:10 Tv Stories Vittorio Gassman, the Showman

With “Il mattatore” he was the first to invent two cornerstones of modern TV: the contamination of genres and registers and “the container”, that is, that television segment that offers fragments of different programs held together by the conductor’s charisma. It was 1959. An actor, of course, but also a brilliant author and a courageous innovator. The great Vittorio Gassman is the protagonist of “Storie della Tv” – the cycle by Alessandro Chiappetta and Enrico Salvatori written with Stefano Di Gioacchino and with the advice and participation of Aldo Grasso – broadcast on Wednesday 24 August at 21.10 on Rai Storia. Among the interviewees Paola Gassman, Giancarlo Scarchilli, Valeria Fabrizi, Pippo Baudo and Renzo Arbore.

  • 22:10 ’14 -’18 Great War 100 years later pt 5 – 1916: Dying in Verdun
  • 22:55 Elements of the Unesco intangible cultural heritage. The traditional agricultural practice of vine cultivation
  • 23:00 BC For faith and for the throne. 1590-1643 At the origins of modern Europe p.3 The waltz of the thrones


  • 21:15 Eurogames
  • 01:27 Forward another

Tv Guide 24 August: Superquark, Rebels, Caputo Brothers