TV8 movie family trap

A young woman loses her husband. She but she does not believe it was an accident and begins to investigate.

Tv8 proposes the film entitled Family trap. It is a thriller genre product with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of Americathe year of realization is 2021 and the duration is one hour and 24 minutes.

Family trap film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by David DeCoteau. Main protagonists are Christine And Doctor McCarthy interpreted respectively by Dey Young And Eric Roberts. Also in the cast Jackée Harry in the role of Denise.

Filming took place in Americain particular a Los Angeles And neighboring locations in the territory of California.

The production is of the Hybrid in collaboration with Image Resources And Life Time.

The film is internationally known under the title Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist.

Film family trap where it is shot

Family trap – plot of the film broadcast on Tv8

The plot revolves around the female figure of Denise. The young woman has recently lost her husband and is sure that it was not an accident, but a settling of scores. So she goes after the person who might have killed her spouse.

But the constant investigations made by herself lead her to uncover a bigger conspiracy than she bargained for. The married life of Denise she had always been happy before her husband’s untimely death.

As the months pass, the widow realizes more and more that her husband has died from a crime decided by others. She and she are willing to get to the bottom of the matter. As she begins to dig wherever the truth can be found, she learns of a mother and daughter couple. Stephanie and the mother Christine.

Another key character in the story told is the Dr. McCarthy. Very soon Denise discovers that the mother of Stephanie she is not his real mother and that another scam is being perpetrated.

Final spoiler

Right on the most interesting and engaging point of the situation Denise she is seized by a moment’s hesitation. She realizes that the discovery of the truth could harm a wealthy family. And this observation puts her in a difficult situation to manage.

Indeed Denise she soon realizes that she must now find a way to protect both her family and herself and do justice to her dead husband.

Final movie family trap

Family trap: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film Family trap and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Dey Young: Christine
  • Eric Roberts: Doctor McCarthy
  • Jackée Harry: Denise
  • Michael Paré: Ross
  • Chelsea Gilson: Stephanie
  • Sophia Katarina: Alice
  • Andrew Rogers: Landon
  • John Colton: George
  • Rib Hillis: James
  • Carmel Fisher: Detective Jane
  • Hilary Shepard: Bridget
  • Donny Payne: Detective Jenkinsv

TV8 movie family trap – plot, cast, ending