“Twilight”: the saga that marked an entire generation of teenagers returns

Within the framework of a trend of returns, another saga that returns is “Twilight”, a film adaptation of the novels written by Stephanie Meyer that marked a before and after in the vampire genre and youth literature. 15 years after the premiere of the first installment, and 10 after the passage in theaters of the last installment, the franchise returns to local theaters this week.

From Thursday, November 17 to Wednesday, November 23, every day at 8:00 p.m., the Cinema City room, 50 between 10 and 11, will once again broadcast the complete saga of these films that narrate the forbidden love story between a vampire, Edward Cullen, and a young woman, Bella Swan, with all the chaos that she caused for both societies.

The first novel in the literary saga, “Twilight”, was published in 2005 and immediately became a hit. Three years later the first film would arrive and the phenomenon would explode even more: all the literary deliveries that came -“New Moon” (2006), “Eclipse” (2007) and “Dawn” (2008) – were best sellers and the films ( ”Twilight”, 2008; “New Moon”, 2009; “Eclipse”, 2010; “Breaking Dawn: 1”, 2011; “Breaking Dawn: 2”, 2012) blockbusters. The films, in fact, grossed around $3.3 billion worldwide, and turned their leads, Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart, into international stars.

The “Twilight” saga was loved by its fans and heavily criticized by its detractors. But, without a doubt, it was a hinge, becoming the most revolutionary vampire saga of the 2000s.

Although the author took several classics as a literary reference for each installment (“Pride and Prejudice”, by Jane Austen for “Twilight”; “Romeo and Juliet”, by William Shakespeare for “New Moon”; “Wuthering Heights”, by Emily Bronte, for “Eclipse”; and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, by Shakespeare, for “Breaking Dawn”), his vampires differed from the prototypes marked by “The Vampire Chronicles”, by Anne Rice or the mythical “Dracula ”, by Bram Stoker.

For example, Meyer’s creatures were not destroyed by the sun, as is characteristic of vampires in most works: instead, exposure to the sun makes the Cullens and their race shine with their own light, which which would reveal their true nature if they are seen.

This is just one of the many characteristics of the “Twilight” vampires, and one that generated the most criticism and memes. The rest, they will know through books or movies. But that particularity with the sun, and the fact that it was a teenage romance, were the reasons why she swept and was as loved as criticized.


The literary saga of “Twilight” added in August 2020 the so far last book, “Midnight Sun”, a work that should have arrived a long time before. But… things happened.

The author had been working on her latest work for a long time, however, after an Internet leak of the twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript, Meyer announced in 2008 that she was stopping the project indefinitely.

“If I tried to write ‘Midnight Sun’ now, in my current frame of mind, it is very likely that James (the antagonist of the first installment) would win and all the Cullens would die,” the author wrote on her website.

In 2010, with no plans to return to that sun at the moment, he compensated fans with the publication of “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”, a “spin-off” starring a secondary character from the third installment, “Eclipse” .

Already in 2015, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the saga, Stephenie thought about taking up the project again. But the announcement of the publication of “Grey”, a novel that told the story of the “50 Shades” saga by EL James, from the perspective of Christian Grey, and which curiously began as a “fanfic” of Twilight, made him think that it was not the time.

Instead, Meyer published “Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined,” which told the same story by changing the gender of the characters and closing with a different ending that ended in the first installment. In the foreword, Meyer apologized to readers and cited lack of time as the reason the book was not “Midnight Sun.”

The book, which recounts the events of the first installment but from the perspective of Edward Cullen, also adding details about his past before he met Bella, also includes a very special unpublished scene for Meyer and his saga.

It is a scene in the meadow where the protagonists usually go, which the author eliminated from the original book and which can be read in this new installment: “I have been able to return to the story again, and also write that little piece that It was missing in the meadow that has always driven me crazy!” she said in the “Letters To Stephenie” section of her website.

So far, this literary installment has remained just that, in pages. And although there are rumors about a possible adaptation, nothing is confirmed. The fans, at least, are left with the good memory that its protagonist, Robert Pattinson, has about the movies and how he is still generating interest.

“I’m fascinated by this new wave of people appreciating movies, it’s very cool,” he said in statements to “Usa Today”, explaining that “at the time a lot of people hated the saga because they were tired of seeing it everywhere… But now it is seen as something ‘retro’ to claim”.

To that end, the films are now returning to major theaters across the country.

The programing



Bella Swan goes to live with her father in the town of Forks, where she meets Edward, an attractive and mysterious boy with a big secret: he is a vampire. But the boy’s family has a peculiarity: he does not feed on human blood.



Edward Cullen leaves Bella Swan to keep her away from the dangers of the vampire world. Bella seeks solace in Jacob Black, her childhood friend, as she bonds with werewolves, enemies of vampires.



Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob as a series of murders unfolds and a vengeful vampire lies in wait.



The love that Edward and Bella feel for each other is sealed with the celebration of a great ceremony. During the honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant. The rapid growth of the fetus, half human half vampire, seriously affects her health, taking her to the brink of death.



Bella wakes up transformed into a vampire and gives birth to Renesmee. Since there is an ancient law that prohibits any clan from turning children, the Volturi declare that all Cullens must be killed.




“New Moon”

“Twilight”: the saga that marked an entire generation of teenagers returns