Twilight: what if Bella was the descendant of a vampire? The crazy fan theory

What if Bella wasn’t as ordinary as she thinks? Besides her unique relationship with Edward and her mental silence, some fans believe that the high schooler from Forks is more special than believed, because she counts a vampire among her ancestors. A theory not so improbable when you read the arguments! Details.

You thought you knew the saga Twilight On the fingertips ? Well, think again! Stephenie Meyer’s work still continues to surprise us, even 10 years after the release of the last film. Fans keep coming up with crazier theories that could change the way we view movies (and even books). We’ve already seen the theory that imagines Bella as half-werewolf, but another caught our attention. Indeed, according to a user of RedditBella would be the descendant of a vampire.

Bella is naturally good at being a vampire.

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At several points in the films, the Cullens mention how difficult it is to transform into a vampire and adapt to this new nature, and yet Bella manages to control herself brilliantly. A self control who does not fail to challenge his adoptive family.

Also, in the last movie, Twilight Chapter 5: Revelation Part 2she expresses an interesting thought: “It was like I was born to be a vampire.“Indeed, she always felt bad about herself when she was human while she looked fulfilled once she became a vampire.

A member of the Volturi is gifted with a power similar to Bella’s


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Now let’s talk about the Volturi. You may have noticed that Aro loves collecting gifted vampires in his clan. Among his close guard is Renata, a vampire not seen in the movies but mentioned several times in the books.

Like Bella, she is also a shield (but physical and not mental), that is to say, she can repel the attacks of her opponents in such a way that they lose all their means. When we know that vampire skills can be hereditary thanks to Renesmee, we can easily imagine that Bella inherited Renata’s special gift. We could still wander about their Italian origins or their physical resemblance but we will not go that far.

Bella and her father have a unique mind

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And here is a last point which should speak to the readers of Midnight Sun (2020), the latest publication by Stephenie Meyer. In this book which narrates the events of Fascination from Edward’s point of view, the latter notices that Charlie and Bella’s minds are different from ordinary mortals. If he manages to understand some of Chief Swan’s thoughts, he doesn’t hear anything when he tries to read Bella’s mind.

In this way, we can assume that Bella would count a vampire among her ancestors who passed on this rare talent to her. We can also imagine that Renata would also have had a hybrid child like Renesmee and who could be a great-grandparent of Bella. What do you think ?

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Twilight: what if Bella was the descendant of a vampire? The crazy fan theory