Two NASAMS anti

After the bombardments at the beginning of October, the United States announced its desire to accelerate the delivery of the first NASAMS launchers to Ukraine. In the meantime, the delivery and the training have been carried out since the CEO of Raytheon announced in a television program that two NASAMS launchers are deployed in Ukraine.

A ground-to-air AIM-120 for the Ukrainians

In an interview with the American television channel CNBC, Greg Hayes, the CEO of Raytheon Technologies announced that the NASAMS anti-aircraft system was deployed in Ukraine:

We have just delivered two NASAMS systems. […] We delivered two to the government a few weeks ago. They are settled in Ukraine [de façon imminente].[…]”

The NASAMS is an anti-aircraft ground system deployed on a platform (immobile to fire). This system is developed and built by Norway (Kongsberg Defense) and the United States (Raytheon Missiles & Defense for the production of anti-aircraft missiles). It uses a simple principle; a launcher allowing the firing of anti-aircraft missiles but initially developed in air-to-air medium. It can destroy a very wide range of aerial targets:

  • drone
  • helicopters
  • combat aircraft
  • missile

There are several versions of this system, with ever-improving missile capabilities (more technical info in this article). So far, only the United Kingdom has publicly announced the delivery of AIM-120 AMRAAM medium-range missiles for the Ukrainian NASAMS. The cover photo of this page also shows the firing of this type of missile from a NASAMS.

This system represents a huge boost for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a security gain for the population. They also join the German Iris-T anti-aircraft systems delivered at the beginning of October (article on the subject). Gradually, Ukraine is deploying a real modern anti-aircraft interdiction capability, but it remains limited by the low number of launchers planned; 8 NASAMS launchers and 4 Iris-T. It should be noted, however, that deliveries of anti-aircraft systems have recently increased, with Spanish Hawks and French anti-aircraft systems (topic-focused article).

Already deployed… but in wood!

It should be noted that several videos published recently on social networks show the interception of aerial targets by missiles launched by Ukrainian NASAMS. However, these videos do not confirm that it was indeed a NASAMS. On the other hand, the Ukrainians have already published photos of wooden NASAMS; just like the wooden models of M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, the Ukrainians seek to attract Russian missiles or counter-battery means on decoys in order to preserve the real systems used. It also allows the Ukrainians to further reduce the stockpile of high-precision ammunition of the Russian Armed Forces. He

Two NASAMS anti-aircraft systems are deployed in Ukraine