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Vampire Academy recently came to Peacock, giving supernatural fans another vampire-focused story. However, this one is unique in how it tackles different species of vampires in the world and how they associate with each other.

This new series is based on a six-book series of the same name. The TV series captured many of the great aspects of the novels while adding a few edits to capture an on-screen audience. However, some Reddit users think there are some great scenes in the books that would benefit the series.

10 Strigoi First Round

Vampire Academy – Book 1

In the first Vampire Academy novel, Victor’s daughter Natalie is convinced to voluntarily turn Strigoi by her father. This is the first time Rose has seen a Moroi transform into one of the undead vampires.

However, Natalie is not a character on the show. Instead, his daughters are Sonya and Mia, two unrelated characters in the novels. Reddit user OkResponsibility8549 said, “They’ll probably make Sonya the first strigoi she sees spinning, which will have a huge impact on her because he’s a teacher she really loves. Although this is just a theory, it would be interesting for fans to see the first Moroi go awry.

9 Adrian Is Introduced

Frostbite – Book 2

There are many likeable characters in the Vampire Academy series so far, but Adrian Ivashkov has yet to be introduced. According to Enews, Leo Woodall, the actor who plays Adrian, will appear in the sixth episode of the first season.

Adrian is a fan-favorite character from the book series, but he isn’t introduced until the sequel. When asked what scene they would like to see on the show, Reddit user raven_2525 replied, “Adrian’s first scene…really anything with Adrian. Instead of waiting until later in the story, the series is going to introduce this fan favorite from the start.

8 Rose Gets Her Molnija Mark

Frostbite – Book 2

There are plenty of fearsome vampire hunters in TV shows and movies, but Rose Hathaway has the potential to be a unique twist on the concept. Although she does not hunt the evil Strigoi, it is her responsibility as guardian to protect the Moroi.

When Rose gets her mark Molnija, it is to symbolize her first Strigoi kill. However, this scene is filled with bittersweet emotions because during the fight she lost a close friend. Reddit user ImpetuousDecisions said, “I hope they show the…battle symbol tattoo on Rose’s neck. I think that would be such a devastating scene. This scene from the second novel shows the horrors and rewards of being a Guardian in this world.

7 The Strigoi Attack

Shadow Kiss – Volume 3

There are great vampire TV shows out there, but Vampire Academy introduces audiences to a world of not only good and bad vampires, but also mortals and immortals. Although Rose has confronted Strigoi at this point in the novel series, this novel features a full-scale attack on St. Vladimir’s Academy.

This fight allowed readers to see Rose take on multiple enemies. It’s also a major scene as we see Christian Ozera using his magic to fight, which is widely frowned upon in their world. Reddit user yazzy1233 said: “The fight was so engrossing and I loved seeing Rose and Christian being badass and working together. »

6 rose leaves

Shadow Kiss – Volume 3

The third book in the series also had a big twist. When Rose’s beloved mentor is transformed into the Strigoi, Rose chooses to pursue them to kill them as they would have wanted before.

Reddit user ImpetuousDecisions said, “I always love it when Rose is gone because she was finally, for the first time really in her life, doing something for herself. Before that, Rose is dedicated to protecting Lissa above all else. This scene and the events that followed capture her finally doing something for herself.

5 Fight against Rose and Dimitri

Blood Promise – Volume 4

Like other supernatural romance shows, Vampire Academy has the source material to develop several captivating love stories. When Dimitri is transformed into Strigoi, Rose pursues him to end his immortal life, as he would have wished as a Dhampir.

Although the evil Dimitri initially overpowers Rose, she is able to break free and fight against him. This leads to a battle between the young woman and her former mentor. Reddit user raven_2525 said, “I always loved the chase/fight scene at the end of Blood Promise. This scene would add an interesting love of suspense to their tragic love story.

4 Lissa and Rose reunite

Blood Promise – Volume 4

After Rose left to pick up Dimitri, she and Lissa went through a rough patch. Although Rose was absent, their unique bond allowed Rose to see that there was a magic user with Lissa’s unique gifts trying to take advantage of her vulnerability.

The stressful and scary situation they both find themselves in makes the union even more emotional. Reddit user Aj_tano said, “By far my favorite scene in the book is when Rose comes back from Russia and reunites with Lisa. They both collapse on the floor crying and [apologize]. This experience would help underline the strength of the union between the two young women.

3 Dimitri Returns

The Bound Spirit – Volume 5

History is turned upside down when Dimitri is removed from the photo. Rose has struggled to come to terms with the loss of her love and must try to move on with her life realizing she wasn’t able to save him.

In this novel, magic is used to restore Dimitri from a Strigoi to a Dhampir. Reddit user zelenadragon shared his favorite scene from the novel saying, “When Dimitri is restored from Strigoi to dhampir. It’s gonna be epic. Since it was common knowledge that the Strigoi are lost once they transform, this unexpected success would bring an interesting twist to Moroi magic.

2 Rose’s Graduation Essay

The Bound Spirit – Volume 5

Rose misses a lot of school and practice throughout the storyline. However, her experiences make her one of the most skilled and fearsome Guardians, giving her an edge that most other students don’t have.

Her expertise in combat means she must receive a specialist tryout for her graduation test. Reddit user ImpetuousDecisions said, “Rose was literally so powerful and talented that they had to create a new storyline for her. If this scene is included in the series, it will reiterate the concept that Rose is an extraordinary guardian compared to her peers.

1 Jillian’s Search

The Last Sacrifice – Volume 6

Many aspects of the last book could be added to the story towards the end of the series. However, there are a few details that the story would benefit from earlier.

In the series, they have already pointed out that Lissa does not have enough family to vote for the council or to be a candidate for the queen. However, in the novel, it causes his friends to dig in to uncover a family secret. Reddit user Seedsofpersephone said: “I’m really hoping to see the library scene when Rose, Dimitri and Sydney search for Lissa’s brother. Lissa’s secret half-sister, Jillian, would be a nice addition early in the series.

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