Vampire Academy: New Trailer Tests and Reveals the Show’s Alliances

The new series Vampire Academy that is created by the same creator of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Julie Plec, prepares for its debut on the Peacock platform and the latest trailer reveals the alliances that the drama will have.

The executive producers julie plect Y Marguerite McIntyre (both from the series The Vampire Diaries) offer a new story full of friendship, romance and danger with Vampire Academy. In a world filled with privilege and glamour, the friendship of two young women overcomes their stark class differences as they prepare to complete their education and enter vampire society: one as a powerful royal woman, the other as a half-vampiric guardian. trained to protect them from the savage Strigoi that threaten to subvert their community.

Vampire Academy: Peacock’s new drama that tries to top The Vampire Diaries

Sisi Stringer Y Daniela Nieves They play Rose and Lissa, two best friends determined to change their supernatural world for better or worse. Rose is a vampire-human hybrid known as a Dhampir. She is fiery and outspoken, a true warrior at heart and in practice. While Lissa is a real vampire from the Moroi family. The younger sister of the rightful heir, Princess Vasilisa Dragomir, is a big-hearted and carefree royal princess who doesn’t care about the political machinations of the royal court or the hypocrisy of Moroi royalty.

The latest trailer focuses on Rose and Dimitri (played by Kieron Moore). Demetrius is a model vampire guardian, mortal, disciplined, cautious, and totally committed to his role as bodyguard to the ruling Moroi, the “good” mortal vampires of his world. He protects the royal family (including Lissa) from the evil Strigoi, a sect of monstrous vampires who have chosen immortality.

In this world, vampires live longer than humans, but they can die just like them. Although they can become Strigoi, which gives them immortality. Or sometimes the Strigoi force humans, Dhampir, and Moroi to become one. Family members of those who choose the Strigoi life are often ostracized by society.

The cast also includes Mia Mckenna-Bruce as Mia Karp, a student at St. Vladimir’s Academy; Rhian Blundell as the smart and determined Dhampir Meredith Beckham; Jonetta Kaiser as Sonya Karp; Y Andrew Liner as Mason Ashford, Rose’s main competition in her quest to become the number one Guardian-in-training.

Vampire Academy hits the Peacock platform on September 15. The ten hour-long episodes were shot in Spain, with Julie Plec and Marguerite McIntyre directing, writing and executive producing. Other directors are Bille Woodruff (first episode), Luis Prieto, Jesse Warne, Erica Danton and Jeff Schotz. The series is based on the popular novels by Richelle Mead.

Vampire Academy: New Trailer Tests and Reveals the Show’s Alliances