‘Vampire Academy’: Supernatural Adventures

The stories they tell us about the vampires they may or may not be real. Did these creatures that claim to feed on the blood of other living beings really exist? Some countries like Romania, Poland either Bulgaria They confirm that they existed in time immemorial, but at present there is no evidence of it. However, it is believed that they were thin, pale, with long nails and pointed fangs. Also, it is believed that vampires have the ability to transform into bats. The film world has used this description to make the most “bloody” movies. ‘vampire’ (1932), ‘Dracula’ (1958), ‘The Vampire Ball’ (1967), ‘Blades I and II’ (2002 and 2004), ‘Twilight saga’ (2008), ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (2009), ‘Norwegian’ (2014) or ‘Only lovers survive’ (2013) are some of the most recognized films. But not only do they succeed on the big screen, they also do it in books and in series. ‘Vampire Academy’ It is one of the strongest bets and that has seen the light for nothing more and nothing less than a month in the United States.

Privileges, glamor and love affairs are mixed in the new television bet that it is not yet known when it will be released in Spain. Already in 2014, Mark Waters directed Vampire Academy, the first big-screen adaptation of the hit vampire novels by Richelle Mead. Starring Zoey Deutch Y Dominic Sherwoodamong others, the film turned out to be a flop, both at the box office and critically, and can still be enjoyed on hbo max and in Prime Video. Several years later, the audiovisual content platform Peacock Original (USA) has opted for this story now in series, and although there is still no release date in the Spanish State, it is expected that platforms such as Netflix, HBO either StarzPlay have it available in their catalog.

However, the most impatient can now follow the adventures of Rose Hathaway Y Lisa Dragomir through American channels. Vampire Academy has been created by julie plect Y Marguerite MacIntyre and is set in the academy st vladimir, a secret place where the elegance of aristocratic romance and the supernatural emotions of the vampire genre mix. Rose and Lissa are two friends who are not like the rest of the girls their age, because they are half human, half vampire. Fed up with the rules, they decide to run away to experience a life far from the magical arts, but soon they find them and take them back to their second home, where they will feel that they are in a labyrinth of forbidden love, rituals and other adventures under the light of Moon.

This juvenile story is based on a saga of six books.

Nafarroa, city of vampires

Who would have imagined that Nafarroa would cross the television pond? And it is that the first season of this North American series, which has ten chapters of an hour, has been filmed, among other locations, in the Olite Royal Palacethe Iratxe Monasterythe Otazu cellars wave Church of San Pedro de Viana. Navarra has become the city of vampires.

In Olite the filming equipment was installed for more than half a year, specifically in the Convent of San Francisco, located in the center of the municipality. Its streets and churches are also protagonists in the series and, above all, the Royal Palace of Olite, one of the most important heritage buildings in Nafarroa, built between the 13th and 14th centuries, which was part of the headquarters of the Court of Kingdom of Navarre from the reign of Charles III ‘the Noble’.

Throughout the chapters, the plot will also be situated in the Lordship of Beraizan extensive estate near Iruñea-Pamplona that has allowed the production company to place the action in a place that has a jetty, a lake, an old 12th-century palace and the Hermitage of San PedroRomanesque style.

Another of the spaces selected by the team of localizers of the American series has been the Monastery of Santa María de Iratxe, which is becoming a recurring space in many audiovisual projects, such as the three seasons from the series ‘The boarding school: The summits’produced by Atresmedia Studios Y Media Pro Studio for amazon and whose final season premiere is expected in 2023.

Likewise, the series will show the international public small towns such as Ujué-Uxue, chosen for its character as a medieval town; Bodegas Otazu, which includes several historic buildings such as a Renaissance palace, the Church of San Esteban de Otazu or a dovecote tower from the 14th century; or the Fort of Alfonso XIIold military fortress located in the Mount San Cristobal.

‘Vampire Academy’: Supernatural Adventures