Vampire Academy: unveiled the cast of the series, among the protagonists also J. August Richards

The series Vampire Academyadaptation of the novels written by Richelle Mead, has found its protagonists and will also be in the cast J. August Richardsin the past among the interpreters of Angel.
The show will be produced by Julie Plec (the Vampire Diaries) and Marguerite Macintyre.

The streaming service Peacock has ordered the production of the story which will address the themes of romance, friendship, death, sex and scandal, elements immersed in a world of privilege and glamour. At the center of the story is the friendship between two young women from different social classes who are preparing to complete their education and become part of the “royal” society of vampires by studying at St. Vladimir’s Academy, frequented by royalty and teenagers half-human who prepare to protect them from the savage Strigoi vampires who would like to destroy them.

In the cast there will be:
Sisi Stringer (Mortal Kombat) in the role of Rose Hathawaya human-vampire hybrid known by the name of Dhampira true wrestler in spirit and practice.
Dnaiela Nieves (Save Me) in the role of Liss Dragomira Moroi royal vampire who raised the younger sister of the heir to the throne, the Princess Vasilisa Dragomir.
Liner will interpret Mason Ashford, charming, loyal and popular. The young man is the main opponent in the mission to become the first Guardian. Although she pays no particular attention to him, the young man hopes that she notices him and that she considers him.
Richards will Viktor Dashkov, a Moroi noble vampire with a heart of gold who is highly regarded for his role as a political strategist and advisor. You are described as a determined loyalist who uses his intelligence and her influence to protect what he values ​​most: the well-being of her husband and two adopted daughters, and the betterment of the Moroi community.
Kieron Moore will play the part of Dimitri Belikovthe model Dhampir guardian: deadly, disciplined, discreet and fully committed to his role as bodyguard among the ranks of the Moroi, the “good” and mortal vampires of his world.
Andre Dae Kim (Salvation) will have the part of Christian Ozeraa Moroi royal vampire who is also the pariah of the school and the court due to his parents’ unforgivable sins related to their society.
Anita-Joy Uwajeh will be Tatiana Vogela Moroi vampire and political underdog who slowly disrupts the royal court.
Mia McKenna-Bruce (The Dumping Ground) will interpret Mia Karpa smart, shrewd, non-royal student who has a long-term plan to climb the ladder in the ranks of royalty, though the situation is complicated by her immediate connection with Meredithwho trains to be part of the Guardians.
Jonetta Kaiser (Two Sides) will have the part of Sonyaquiet, observant, and quirky girl who remains on the fringes of Moroi society and is startled when a Dhampir Guardian named Mikhail show interest in him.

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Source: TV Line

Vampire Academy: unveiled the cast of the series, among the protagonists also J. August Richards