Vampire Academy will be released soon in our country

The new television series ‘Vampire Academy’ (2022) is based on the novels by Richelle Mead and, although there is a feature film version from 2014, now this capitular production will be released thanks to the offices of Lionsgate+ this coming February 3, with a stellar cast and the creative direction of the experienced Julie Plec, promises to become a success in our country.

As for the story, in it Rose and Lissa return to St. Vladimir’s Academy school for vampires after running away two years earlier. The keeper Dimitri Belikov, who caught them, He is assigned as Lissa’s guardian and offers to mentor Rose in her training as a guardian, as he has a one-sided psychic link to Lissa., knows what he thinks, his emotions and his whereabouts. However, there are many problems that must be faced.

a turning point

Now, in an interview with El Informador, the young actor Andre Dae Kim (who plays Christian Ozera in the series) points out that, although he can only speak for himself, “for many in this cast it has been very significant to integrate to the project; I am very excited because it is one of the best roles I have gotten and I feel that it is a decisive moment in my career. not only because of the type of program but because of the experiences that I have gone through and, I feel, it will always be important ”.

Like Christian Ozera, Kim’s role is essential, close to the protagonists, and the actor assures that “although I didn’t know how important the character would be, I read the novels and I assumed that his participation was substantial, but I had not read the scripts, so anything could happen and I was ready for anything.”

better than expected

However, the situation took an unexpected turn for Kim, who says that “luckily, the line that the story follows in the program I could not imagine how it would be and it turned out better than I thought. It was a surprise, because it allowed me to really explore the character in a broad way, something that makes me happy and that I enjoyed a lot throughout the shoot”.

On the other hand, the actor details that ‘Vampire Academy’ was a huge challenge for everyone in the cast, “not only for playing vampires, which made us get up very early to record (sometimes 6 am); As for the physical, I had already received training for this kind of combat scenes, but it was intensive from the first day and sometimes we had to be, at times, like acting ‘doubles’”.

Advantages of the format

SPECIAL/ Lionsgate+

Likewise, regarding the television series format, Kim is not unaware of the film version from years ago, but finds “advantages in this adaptation of the story for TV, especially since it is difficult to adapt such a long story in an hour and a half. And we have ten chapters to explore situations, combine dramatic lines, in short, time has favored us all.

In these terms, the actor indicated that “another of the advantages of television is that it works based on different scripts and, in addition, the director and his team can review the material that has been recorded and thereby evaluate what follows Then change it or add material, and you have more time and opportunity to explore the characters.”

Representation and expectations

Now, with the expectation of the premiere at an early date, Kim is confident that ‘Vampire Academy’ can have great success in Latin America, “it is a region where the fans are enthusiastic, if they like something they support it and are passionate about it. I have participated in some series and many of my followers on social networks come from Latin American countries, they message daily –whether from Mexico, Bolivia or Venezuela– and they make you feel appreciated”.

In fact, the actor exemplifies Daniela Nieves, an actress of Venezuelan origin who plays Lissa Dragomyr, the co-star with whom her character is close in love; “She is super talented and thanks to my role we have gotten to know each other better. I know that she will mean a lot to the fans in her country and, besides, I also represent a fundamental part of her because as a child I never saw ‘Korean’ vampires in any movie or series ”.

For this reason, the artist emphasizes the “representation” so solid that it is perceived in a diverse cast, “where all are my friends, I appreciate, admire and respect them; and if we recognize that acting is an ambition of the soul and the heart, no matter who it is, like you look like or where you come from, if you love what you do you can work on it and with people from all cultures and create something amazing. I am very happy, and I think that is something that makes this series something special”.

‘VAMPIRE ACADEMY’ (Series, 2022)/ Lionsgate+

  • Direction: Bille Woodruff/ Erica Dunton/ Julie Plec/ Luis Prieto/ Geoff Shotz/ Jesse Warn
  • Screenplay: Marguerite MacIntyre/ Julie Plec/ Morenike Balogun/ JJ Braider
  • Music: Roahn Hylton/Jacob Yoffee
  • Photography: Scott Peck/ Stefan Ciupek
  • Cast: Sisi Stringer/ Daniela Nieves/ Kieron Moore/ André Dae Kim/ J. August Richards/ Anita-Joy Uwajeh/ Mia McKenna-Bruce/ Rhian Blundell/ Jonetta Kaiser/ Andrew Liner
  • Premiere (Mexico): February 3, 2023



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Vampire Academy will be released soon in our country