Vampire Diairies: five secrets of the series that you (perhaps) do not know!

For eight years, from 2009 to 2017, the literally bloody love affairs of Elena Gilbert and Stefan and Damon, the Salvatore brothers, fascinated fans of Vampire Diariesthat Salto now offers full. The series, created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and adapted from the romantic saga of LJ Smith Vampire’s Diary, has, among other things, launched the careers of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, the performers of the three heroes. But the beautiful brunette, who has since continued his career like all his partners, was not the one who was initially expected to play the high school girl at the center of the love trio. One of the many secrets of Vampire Diarieson which Télé-Loisirs lifts the veil…

Ashley Tisdale, the first choice of the producers of the series to camp Elena

If it is difficult today to imagine an actress other than Nina Dobrev in the skin of Elena Gilbert, it is however not of her that the producers of the series, and the CW channel, which broadcast it, thought. at the beginning. Their choice was rather on Ashley Tisdale (now mum)all crowned with her success in the first two films High School Musical, in which she camped the Sharpay plague. But the actress declined their proposal…

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Nina Dobrev despised Paul Wesley…at first!

It only took a few episodes for Elisa Gilbert to fall under the spell of Stefan Salvatore, the handsome tortured vampire, played by Paul Wesley. And the two heroes fall madly in love (before Elena succumbs to Damon much to the delight of fans). Off-camera, however, the actress didn’t like her partner at all, as she revealed in the podcast issue. Directionally challengedentitled What would Dobrev Do : “Paul and I didn’t get along at the beginning of the series. I respected Paul Wesley but I did not like it (…). Everyone thought we had great chemistry. I realize today that the difference is thin between love and hate and we hated each other so much that people thought it was love. We really didn’t get along during the first five months of shooting”. Turbulent beginnings that belong to the past: Nina Dobrev indeed consider today Paul Wesley as one of his best friends: “Of all the actors on the show, he’s the one I see the most and hang out with the most. We’re the closest. We see each other a lot. We’re really good friends. I love his wife. It’s funny how time can change everything because I never thought he would ever be one of my best friends.”

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Steve McQueen’s grandson was on the show!

In Vampire Diariesand its two spin-offs The Originals and Legacies, it is often a question of lineages and legacies. A subject that one of the actors of the original series knows well. He is indeed the descendant of Steve McQueen, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the 60s and 70s. Steven R. McQueenwho plays Jeremy, Elena’s little brother (although he’s actually six months older than Nina Dobrev!)

James Van Der Beek passed the casting to play Alaric

Dawson in Mystic Falls? Does that seem unimaginable to you? And yet! James Van der Beek, the interpreter of the hero who gave his name to the famous teenage series, passed the auditions to play Alaric Saltzman… without success. It was indeed Matthew Davis who landed the coveted role of the vampire hunter.

The end of the series should not be this one!

In the end of Vampire Diaries, Stefan sacrificed himself to save the city of Mystic Falls and Elena, who can thus flow happy days with Damon, who has become human again. But this bittersweet ending was not the one that the creators of the series had originally intended. Who had imagined much worse: the two brothers had to die to save Elena, and were condemned to watch over her from the beyond. But the departure of Nina Dobrev at the end of season 6 forced them to revise their plan.

Vampire Diairies: five secrets of the series that you (perhaps) do not know!