“Vampires in complete privacy”, in the daily life of bloodsuckers

Do you like vampires (but not the shiny ones)? Black humor and the second degree? Vampires Intimacy is out today (and you should see it) (human word)!

How can four vampires of all ages live together in an old-fashioned apartment in the middle of Limousin? This is the question asked by the film crew who will follow Miguel, Geoffroy, Aymeric and Bernard through a shocking documentary. Vampires in privacy (Where What we do in the shadows in its original version) does not have the flavor of the blockbusters of the moment. This New Zealand comedy is a bit like a banana-ginger smoothie: weirder and tangier. In short, she is the perfect entertainment for Halloween.

For one hour and twenty-two minutes, you will become this spectator sitting in front of Restricted zone. Half-amused, half-outraged by these domestic images of another kind, you will discover the daily life of four vampires not yet at the top of their integration.. There is the one who mourns his lost love, who regrets the time when the quartering acted as a street show, who would like to go back to a club to wiggle his hips on Major Lazer… or even the one who struggles to clear the corpses of his lair.

Because yes, to be a vampire is to devour humans, but with as much civility as possible (and without damaging the furniture).

In early 2015, Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, co-directors and actors of the film, launched a fundraising campaign to help them distribute What we do in the shadows in the USA. Of the $400,000 requested, the project raised 446,666. For good reason: their feature film had already received excellent reviews and several nominations!

'What we do in the Shadows' Kickstarter video via StopPress

A French version with small onions (but without garlic)

In October, the film finally arrives in France! For the occasion, Nicholas and Bruno (Informational message) imagined a rewritten version especially for our country. Thus, the action no longer takes place in Wellington, New Zealand, but in Limoges.

If you balk a bit at the idea of ​​dubbing, know that the casting of French voices sends heavy. You will find Alexandre Astier, Fred Testot, Zabou Breitman, or Bruno Salomone and Julie Ferrier there! The dialogues have been adapted (while remaining very faithful to the translation).


Yet neither version mentions a Mumford & Sons cover album.

This VFO, for Version Française Originale, brings real added value to films that are simply translated. Some jokes and situations have been strengthened or modified especially for France! And of course, it is very effective.

The clash of generations

Vampires in privacy reveals the private lives of several vampire dynasties. Among them, various big names will undoubtedly come to your mind… From the monster to the Dracula, passing by the romantic Louis de la Pointe du Lac, the traumatic Nosferatu or Edouard Cullen in Levi’s jeans, all generations of famous vampires are represented.

Imagine sharing your sofa with your great-grandmother and your ancestor from the Middle Ages: obviously, you wouldn’t talk about Kyo’s latest album! Cohabitation is therefore sometimes complicated in this roommate which tries to be forgotten by the living (while devouring them here and there). Moreover, a few months before the famous Annual Death Ball, the tension rises a fang.


The day Laurent Voulzy met My Chemical Romance.

This promiscuity gives rise to magnificent improbable scenes (genre “ But who the fuck left the curtain open? “). However, on the side of relationships with humans, it is not more brilliant... Vampires love to feed on their victims in improvised seances. They use their powers of persuasion to make them believe anything and do not always manage to remain discreet.

Even if the creatures in the film sometimes try to repress their impulses in the face of their friend Gilles (who acts as the last Apericube) (the one no one dares to eat), their relationships with humans remain… stiff. Miguel, for example, drags his slave Christine into always sympathetic schemes.


New Monsieur Propre Magic Eraser: respects the house, not the dirt.

In short, the next time think twice about it before following a guy in frills.

Between It’s my life and The Teva files

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi decided to shoot their film like an ultra-realistic documentary. This is where all the originality and intelligence of the project lies. The result, filmed hand-held and perfectly assumed by the actors, seems very authentic… and all the more burlesque. By linking life scenes without commentary and a confessional-style plan, the directors accentuate the quirky side by using a format that we know well: the docu-style reality TV.


Aymeric discovers that he could have paid three times less for his vest on DealExpress.

With such a bias, I was a little afraid that the film would quickly turn in circles. Don’t worry, that’s not the case! The characters, with their own personality, all become endearing and their stories (however ridiculous) will touch you in some way. But what will undoubtedly keep you glued to your screen like a mussel to its rock is the irony with which everything is treated. Some goofy jokes and unlikely situations are so silly they’re awesome! The humor is sometimes black, but your belly will always be folded in two.

Vampires in privacy (in French and original version) released in France from today in HD e-cinema for €6.99. No need to go to the nearest Gaumont, the film comes to you, directly to your sofa.

A plaid, a lime blossom infusion, a gloomy comedy: life.

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“Vampires in complete privacy”, in the daily life of bloodsuckers