Virginie Efira: what is her new series project for Disney+?

An ordinary family faced with the serious illness of one of their children: the new Disney+ series has a heartbreaking theme. The poignant fiction inspired by reality Teverything is fineavailable in eight episodes, two of which will be directed by Frenchman Éric Rochant, who was at the helm of the television series hailed by critics and the public The Office of Legends (2015-2020), has no specific release date yet (but is expected to release in 2023). But she is already talking about her.

With the French screenwriter Camille de Castelnau at her side, known for having participated in the writing of the Legends Office, Everything is fine can frighten by its sensitive subject. However, the screenwriter wants to be reassuring about this still very mysterious program: “I want it to be a realistic series, therefore often funny. I know how much the serious illness of a child can frighten an audience (…), I want us to feel warm in this series, that there is a pleasure of fiction, because ‘we share the lives of characters struck by one of humanity’s worst nightmares… But who continue to live, with that, despite that, or for that. With their personal stakes, their shameful little secrets, their less official but sometimes joyful disasters”.

On the casting side we will find Nicole Garcia, Sara Giraudeau (The speech2021), Alyosha Schneider (Vampires2020), Bernard LeCoq (Whoever loves me follow me!2019), Eduardo Noriega (Open your eyes,1998), Yannik Landrein, Mehdi Nebbou (HPI2021) and Angèle Mièle alongside Belgian-French actress Virginie Efira, who will play the lead role.

Trailer of the feature film “Revoir Paris“ directed by the French Alice Winocour

Nothing seems to stop Virginie Efira who has a string of projects. Both on the small screen and on the big screen, the actress is the new face of French cinema. The key to its success? An overwhelming charisma associated with an impetuous desire to try new things. Thus, during the Cannes Film Festival which took place in May 2022, the actress officiated as mistress of the opening and closing ceremonies. One project among many others. We saw her in the musical Don Juan (released in theaters in May 2022) — free adaptation of the eponymous play by Molière — where she sang for the first time in front of the camera, alongside the Franco-Algerian actor Tahar Rahim. And we will find on the poster of the film See Paris again by Alice Winocour, scheduled for September 7th. The feature film tells the trauma of a woman survivor of a terrorist attack in a Parisian restaurant. Virginie Efira will play the role of a mother-in-law in a divorced family in the feature film Other people’s childrena drama directed by the French Rebecca Zlotowski which will be in theaters on September 21, 2022. Finally, we will see her soon in three other exciting films: Love and Forests by Valerie Donzelli, Bolero Ravel by Anne Fontaine and Rodeo by Delphine Deloget.

Everything is fine (2023), by Camille de Castelnau and Éric Rochant, available on Disney+ in 2023.

Virginie Efira: what is her new series project for Disney+?