Warner Bros. postpones “Aquaman 2” and “Shazam 2” and removes “Salem’s Lot” from programming pending a release date.

Warner Bros. has been working on the releases of its DC films, after the cancellation of Batgirl and problems with The Flash the studio is certainly trying to give its best with the two sequels in the program. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdomoriginally scheduled for March 17, 2023, has been postponed to December 25, 2023. Fans will be a little disappointed, but director James Wan will be able to work more calmly and have more time for post-production, which is a very important part. in a movie like Aquaman 2 so full of special effects. The vacated March window will occupy it Shazam! Fury of the Gods aka Shazam 2the David F. Sandberg sequel slips from December 21, 2022 to March 17, 2023, the date originally assigned to Aquaman 2.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav also announced a couple of new features: the reboot House Party of New Line and the expected Evil Dead Rise, which were supposed to skip the theatrical release and land directly on HBO Max, will arrive in theaters instead. The studio will therefore bet on these two titles, also giving a positive signal to exhibitors. “House Party” produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter will be released on December 9, 2022, while “Evil Dead Rise” directed by Lee Cronin, which sees Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on board as producers, will debut on April 21, 2023.

The study confirmed Warner The Nun 2 for September 8, 2023 while the “Salem’s Lot” film based on the novel The nights of Salem by Stephen King has been removed from the schedule, so skip the date that was set for April 21, 2023, the film has finished shooting and is currently in post-production. Warner Bros. has also reserved a release date for the Super Bowl weekend with an as-yet-untitled event film due out on February 10, 2023.

“House Party” is a remake of the 90’s cult comedy of the same name. The original film is a 1990 musical comedy directed by director Reginald Hudlin and based on his award-winning Harvard University student film. The plot followed the high school kid (Christopher Reid) invited to a party at the home of his friend Play (Christopher Martin). But after a fight at school, Kid’s father puts him in detention. However Kid sneaks out of the house when his father falls asleep, starting an unforgettable night from all points of view. The cast included newcomer Martin Lawrence in his second role after Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, veteran John Witherspoon, Reid and Martin of popular hip hop duo “Kid ‘n Play”, Paul Anthony, Bow-Legged Lou and B. -End of “Full Force”, Robin Harris (who died of a heart attack a few days after the release of the film) and a cameo by funk musician George Clinton. The film received critical acclaim and grossed over $ 26 million from a budget of 2.5 million. the film spawned two sequels and a remake House Party – The Big Party (House Party: Tonight’s the Night) released direct-to-video in 2013. The film is directed by Grammy-winning director Calmatic, a music video specialist.

“Evil Dead Rise” is the fifth film in the horror franchise “Evil Dead – The House” after the Sam Raimi trilogy and the 2013 remake directed by Fede Alvarez, and of course Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead TV series canceled in 2018 after three seasons. Evil Dead Rise will depart from the classic setting of the franchise by setting the demon invasion in an urban setting.

“Salem’s Lot” is directed by prolific horror writer Gary Dauberman, who recently adapted Stephen King’s IT for the big screen. Dauberman was already working on the script for the film, when he decided to take on the directing burden by making “Salem’s Lot” his second behind-the-camera job after debuting in 2019 with Annabelle 3. In addition to “IT”, Gary Dauberman also wrote several films of the “Conjuring Universe”: the spin-off Annabellethe sequel Annabelle 2: Creation and the spin-off The Nun – The calling of evil. Dauberman also created and wrote the pilot for the tv series Swamp Thing.

Published in 1975, King’s book tells of an abandoned house in a remote town AND haunted by bloodthirsty vampires. The protagonist of the story is Ben Mears, a writer who returns to the places of his childhood to exorcise a terrible experience he had as a child at Casa Marsten, the gloomy and threatening building that dominates the village that now seems inhabited. But who is the self-styled Mr. Barlow, the new owner of the haunted mansion? Why is his presence noticeable only after sunset? And what is happening to the peaceful inhabitants of the Lot?

Source: Deadline

Warner Bros. postpones “Aquaman 2” and “Shazam 2” and removes “Salem’s Lot” from programming pending a release date.