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Thanks to titles like Scream – 78% and X- 98%, Jenna Ortega has become one of today’s queens of terror and with wednesday hopes to continue within the genre but from another extreme. The spin-off series of the crazy addams It is one of the most ambitious proposals of Netflix, a company that is in need of several successes and potential franchises. Tim Burton’s intervention is an important part for critics to consider this program one of the most anticipated of the season and to continue the promotion comes a new preview that invites the viewer to join the prestigious Nevermore Academy.

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Though wednesday yes, it will introduce us to the rest of the members that make up the Addams family, in the hands of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán and isaac ordonez, the story focuses on the only daughter of the strange marriage. Wednesday, whose figure many associate with Christina Ricci for the films of Locos Addams and Locos Addams II – 78%, will be interpreted by Ortega, who will take us down a new path for the young woman. After being expelled from her old school for savagely defending her younger brother, Wednesday ends up in a private school called Nevermore where she tries to control her new psychic powers and meets other troubled and violent teenagers like her.

The series premiered its first trailer a few weeks ago, but the publicity is present now that the premiere date is about to be defined, which by thematic logic could take place at the end of October or the beginning of November, thus exploiting the Halloween season to the fullest. wednesday will seek to mix the genres of teen comedy and horror with some novelty, so we can expect the classic melodramas of the age, but also a mystery caused by a series of murders that could be committed by someone from the school or from the Addams’ past. In order not to lose the attention of viewers, Netflix released a new preview that focuses on the school where most of the story will take place.

Check out the progress here:

This first look works more like a Nevermore Academy commercial than an actual sneak peek at the story. We can see Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems, the director of the school who gives us a tour of it, under the promise that this space is perfect for those who have always felt out of place. We then see several students tell us a bit about their classes and the school’s intention to teach them to control their supernatural abilities. Here we can expect vampires, werewolves and young people with incredible powers.

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The tour also mentions that author Edgar Allan Poe is part of their history that began in 1791. On the other hand, Morticia and Gomez’s legacy at the school is also very important and something that Wednesday will have to deal with. At the end of the video we are invited to explore the official page of the Nevermore Academy which takes us to the site of the series and where the viewer can take a test to apply to their class of 2027. The questionnaire includes questions about interests in the macabre and of certain dark mythological beings that will surely be part of this story.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, responsible for Smallvillewere in charge of developing this project with Tim Burton as executive producer and director of the first episodes. The first season will have 8 episodes, but if all goes well we may have more installments. For now, wednesday seems ideal for those who miss The hidden world of Sabrina – 75%, a series that was very well received at the time and whose cancellation caused a lot of controversy among fans.

The pandemic delayed many of the plans for filming that eventually wrapped in March of this year, but Netflix is ​​doing what it can to rush post-production and wrap it up for the Halloween season. Despite that, some rumors indicate that if the task becomes too complicated, wednesday It would arrive on the platform until December. Be that as it may, with these new advances it will be seen whether or not the proposal draws the attention of the public.

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Wednesday: Netflix invites you to join the Nevermore Academy with a new preview of the series | tomatoes