Wednesday (review): What is the Netflix series imagined by Tim Burton worth?

Inspired by the work of Charles Addams and based on an idea by director Tim Burton, Wednesday is here novelty netflix not to be missed this month. The series, whose first season of eight episodes arrives on the streaming platform November 23follows the adventures of Wednesday Addams as she begins her education at a new school.

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Awaited by fans of Tim Burtonwhose universe lends itself perfectly to the world of The Addams Familyonly by the aficionados of the said family, Wednesday is a series telling a story full of mysteries with a good dose of fantasy. CNET France was able to see the first season of the series of which here is our critical without spoilers.

The synopsis of the series

After being expelled from high school, Wednesday Addams joins Nevermore Academy, a school for marginalized students. As she learns to tame her new psychic powers, the young girl must thwart a series of monstrous murders that terrorize the city, while solving the mystery that her parents were embroiled in 25 years ago, and painfully trying to tie new relationships within Nevermore.

Should we watch Wednesday?

Half-series for teenagers, half-fantastic investigation with a 15-year-old girl as an investigator, Wednesday is above all a captivating and surprising series to see without hesitation on Netflix. We find Jenna Ortega in the title role and we especially discover the character of Wednesday Addams in a new light, more modern and piquant than in the versions that we have seen before.

Wednesday is a fantastic series, certainly, but it is above all a story of mysteries to be solved. Not only does the young Addams have to find her place in her new school, but she is also involved in an investigation and a monster hunt that causes her a lot of trouble. Plot threads intertwine and unravel as episodes progress, keeping the viewer invested in the narrative while giving them clues as to what the end of the story may be.

The series draws its strength from its ability to mix a disturbing plot with well-tempered humorous scenes. We also see a nice exploration of the relationship between Wednesday and his mother, although this aspect of the narration would have deserved to be even more dug. It must be said that some sub-plots could have been condensed to leave more room for the rest. If the series sometimes offers big plot tricks, where it excels is finally in its way of covering the tracks so that the viewer remains surprised at the end.

Jenna Ortega is demented as Wednesday, which turns out to suit her like a glove. The rest of the cast portrays their characters just as well. The young Emma Myers who plays Enid, Wednesday’s exuberant roommate, is full of freshness and gives her character a particularly endearing dimension. We also salute the performances of Catherine Zeta-Jones, divine in the skin of Morticia Addams, and Gwendoline Christie, whom it is always pleasant to find on the small screen.

And of course, we find in the series emblematic figures of The Addams Family, like Christina Ricci, the iconic Wednesday of Barry Sonnenfeld’s films. Ricci played a younger Wednesday but just as Machiavellian as Ortega, but in this series the actress lends her features to a teacher who only seems to want the best of the young Addams. There is also the Thingthis charismatic and hilarious hand which remains an inseparable element of the universe of The Addams Family. In the series, The Thing has a very “Burtonian” look, covered in stitches giving it a little Frankenstein monster side.

Speaking of Tim Burton, we obviously find in Wednesday the hand of the director (who directs the first four episodes). From the staging of the story to the choice of sets, through the musical participation of Danny Elfman on the credits, there is no doubt that the father ofEdward Scissorhands went through there. On this project, Burton is once again teaming up with costume designer Colleen Atwood and giving the show’s characters a vibrant, gothic look. Even if Mercredi is confined to black and white, the rest of the series is not devoid of colors and Burton created a universe as charming as disturbing.

You will have understood it, the first season of Wednesday is a delight to be savored without moderation, and it is hoped that the young girl will return to spend another year at Nevermore without delay.

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What other Tim Burton works are available on Netflix?

If you are a fan of Tim Burton’s films or if you want to discover the rest of his work after having seen Wednesdayknow that the director’s only film available on Netflix is Dark Shadows, with his favorite actor Johnny Depp in the role of a vampire. For the rest, it is mainly towards Disney+ you’ll have to go because that’s where most of his big hits, including Edward Scissorhandsare to be seen in streaming.

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