What good taste: These are the 10 favorite movies of Guillermo del Toro

After the arrival of winter and the December vacation period, many of us have put on our pajamas and are preparing to spend the day watching movies. Y who better than Guillermo del Toro to guide us in the daunting task of choosing what to see.

In addition to being one of the best directors in history, a philanthropist and an unparalleled defender of Mexican cinema, Del Toro is also a prolific movie buff. that has generated its own fantastic poetics, one of the most significant works in the world.

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Guillermo breathes cinema, he does it, he watches it, he knows it. For this reason, in addition to marathoning his best films: from the macabre curse of Cronos, to the poetic tragedy of pinocchio, It is worth following this list that he offered to the American media some time ago, indiewirewith his favorite works.

The Mexican directors recommended by Guillermo del Toro

Some time agothe director from Jalisco entered into a controversy after what The Arieles Awards declared bankruptcy, after the pandemic years and the general crisis that Mexican cinema is going through.

In this regard, Del Toro refuted the widespread idea that Mexican cinema has been monopolized by the films of Derbez and Omar Chaparro, also offered to finance the statuettes so that the Arieles award ceremony could be held in 2023.

Guillermo del Toro's Favorite Movies
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As if the above were not enough, gave us a list of Mexican filmmakers who have demonstrated in their pieces not only their great talent, but are a benchmark for the new generations in terms of their aesthetics and talent.

Guillermo del Toro's Favorite Movies
Image: Twitter Guillermo del Toro

Names to watch out for include: Tatiana Huezo with Storm,Alejandra Márquez Abella with the recent winner of Morelia for The north over the void Lila Álvilez awarded for her debut film the chambermaid.

Official poster of ‘La camarista’.

Guillermo del Toro’s Favorite Movies

In honor of this and because Guillermo del Toro already has his place in history assured, here we leave you with his 10 favorite movies of all time, the good news is that many are Youtube complete.

10.’Beauty and the Beast’ (1946, Jean Cocteau)

In the purest romantic and dark style of Del Toro, this film is a true classic of French fantastic cinema. In addition to being the first version of the tale written in the 16th centurythe work shows certain gothic elements and shows us a slightly more real version of Beauty, as a girl who is afraid to grow up.

9.’Canoe‘ (1976, Felipe Cazals)

This film, emblematic of national cinema, tells us the story of a group of young people who want to climb Malinche. They decide to spend the night in a community far from Puebla and suffer the consequences of the irrational persecution against students in the sixties.

8.’the man that knew too much‘ (1934, Alfred Hitchcock)

A mystery tape that tells us the story of a family who is on vacation in Switzerland and meets a mysterious Frenchman who turns out to be a British spy who is about to reveal to them what really goes on in the upper echelons of international politics.

7.’Viridiana’ (1961, Luis Bunuel)

Winner of the palm d’orthis tape tells us with a mixture of pure realism and surrealism, the life of a novice (Silvia Pinal), who before taking the habit visits her uncle.

After a disturbing stay at her relative’s house, full of obsessions, eroticism and violence, the woman will change her life and head towards her own tragedy.

6. ‘The spirit of the hive‘ (1973, Victor Erice)

Is about one of the most important works of Spanish cinema. It tells us about life in a small town after the Civil War. After seeing Frankenstein in the movies, a small family is obsessed with the monster and they speculate that it does exist.

5. ‘Time Bandits’ (1981, Terry Guilliam)

A somewhat strange comedy in which tells the story of a group of dwarves coming from another dimension who have come to earth in search of all kinds of treasures. Along the way, they meet historical figures such as Napoleon and a boy named Kevin, owner of a unique imagination.

4. ‘The eyes without a face‘ (1960, George Franju)

This film is an icon of european terrortells the story of a mad scientist who murders women to rebuild the face of his daughter, a young woman who was disfigured after a freak accident.

3. ‘just blood‘ (1884, Ethan and Joel Coen)

The debut feature of the renowned American directors, he teaches us from the beginning the aesthetics, humor and attention to detail that would characterize the rest of his work.

The script for this movie is hectic. It is a group of stories unleashed by a love affair in a motel, a detective, road trips and petty characters who live full of neuroses.

2. ‘Kwaidan’ (1965, Masaki Kobayashi)

This Japanese film brings together four popular horror tales from the land of the rising sun. From a swordsman with love and financial problems to a blind musician who plays the famous Biwa, this collection of stories is fascinating proof of the strange oriental poetics.

1. ‘Vampyr’ (1932, Carl Theodor Dreyer)

In addition to being the oldest piece on the list, This film is one of the most prominent representatives of German Expressionism.n that occurred between the first and second world war.

Filled with a dark atmosphere, among the somewhat gloomy silence of silent movies; the film tells us about the life of a young man obsessed with the study of demons and vampires who gets lost between his dreams and the supernatural.

What good taste: These are the 10 favorite movies of Guillermo del Toro