What happened to the actors of Vampire Diaries?

In 2017, we said goodbye to actors and actresses Vampire Diaries. But a little over ten years after the broadcast of the first episode of the series, what have they all become? We tell you everything.

In 2009, viewers of The CW discovered the mysterious paranormal phenomena from Mystic Falls (Virginia, USA), inspired by the novels Vampire’s Diary by LJ Smith. For 171 episodes and 8 seasons of Vampire Diaries, they notably followed the meeting of Elena Gilbert, a young orphan, with two vampire brothers who will radically change her life. If the series finally ended (in part) without its main heroine in 2017, she left behind her of them spin off, The Originals and The Legacies. Only a few years later, what has become of its leading actors and vampires? Discover their different paths

Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert

Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert CW Television Network

main character of Vampire Diaries At the very center of her love triangle, the actress also played her “evil” Petrova double, Katherine Pierce. After leaving the show at the end of season 6 — and a comeback for the end of the series, all the same – the Bulgarian-Canadian has chained the shootings, in particular in xXx: Reactivated, FlatlinersLet’s Be Cops or Flatliners with Ellen Page. We also got to see her alongside Drake in the clip I’m Upsetfeaturing the reunion of the heroes of Degrassi: Next Generationwhich marked the debut of the actress and the rapper.

Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore

Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore CW Television Network

Once his Mystic Falls troublemaker boots were off, the actor took off the stage for a while to focus on his wife, the actress of Twilight Nikki Reed, and their daughter. He finally finds the world of vampires in 2019, in the series Netflix V-Wars. He plays Dr. Luther Swan, who studies why the people around him turn into monsters. A show canceled after one season.

Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore

Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore CW Television Network

The one who played the second Salvatore, very different from his brother, also went behind the camera. And this, even before the end of Vampire Diaries. After directing an episode of Legacies spin-offhe created his own short film, Isabelle. He also continues to act in television shows (Tell Me a Story, notably). He recently collaborated with Ian Somerhalder for a liquor brand, called Brother’s Bond Bourbon.

Katerina Graham aka Bonnie Bennet

Katerina Graham aka Bonnie Bennet CW Television Network

Favorite witch of the spectators of the series and best friend of Elena, the actress showed that she had several strings to her bow, since she then launched into music with the release of three EPs. She also seems to be a Christmas movie lover netflixsince she appeared in A recomposed Christmas Where The Holiday Calendar and participated in All Eyes on Methe dedicated biopic to rapper Tupacamong others.

Candice Accola aka Caroline Forbes

Candice Accola aka Caroline Forbes CW Television Network

Perfectionist cheerleader then vampire wife of Stefan, the actress took over the same role in the spin-off The Originals. She also hosts the podcast Directionally Challenged with a former member of the cast of Vampire Diaries, Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan), where she answers questions that young women may have. In August 2020, she announced there that she was expecting her second child with husband Joe King, a member of the group. The Fray.

Zach Roerig aka Matt Donovan

Zach Roerig aka Matt Donovan CW Television Network

He embodied one of the few characters, first simple high school student then sheriff of Mystic Fall, to have remained human throughout the series. Once The Vampire Diaries completed, he resumes his role on a recurring basis in the spin-off The Legacies. But he was not limited to this universe, since he also participated in the series The Gifted, God Friended Meor more recently Dare Me on netflix.

Michael Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood

Michael Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood CW Television Network

Like Nina Dobrev, the one who played the werewolf in the series had left it in season 6, to better come back to say goodbye. Since 2019, he is back on the channel CW Television Network for the remake of Roswell, New Mexico, series around the crash of an alien ship. He embodies the character of Kyle Valenti, alongside Tyler Blackburn (pretty Little Liars) and Nathan Parsons (The Originals).

Matthew Davis aka Alaric Saltzman

Matthew Davis aka Alaric Saltzman CW Television Network

The actor is very attached to his role as a history teacher, vampire hunter in his spare time. So much so that after appearing in the spin-off The Originalshe became one of the pillars of the second, The Legacies. The show has also been renewed for a third season in 2020. Recently, he was talked about on Twitterwhere he hung with another actor of the series, Paul Wesley… for reasons of political differences around the US presidential election.

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What happened to the actors of Vampire Diaries?