What is the legacy that Stephen King leaves in the audiovisual industry?

How much do we owe Stephen King? The author from Maine is perhaps one of the most prolific and important American writers of the late twentieth century. Twentieth century and, in addition, his work has managed to reach both the small screen and the big one.

For horror fans, the hand of Stephen King when writing this type of stories is unmistakable. So much so that in the audiovisual field its influence has also been felt. Let’s review together how much we owe to this author and what is his legacy.

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Item, carrie, The Shining, The Outsider, Castle Rock, Misery, ChapelwaiteAnd the list goes on and on. The works of Stephen King they reach all the screens, big and small, and always, always, they generate curiosity. Its readers, like good fans, know that they will find, if the work is well adapted, stories about people to whom strange or terrible events happen. Those who do not read it, know anyway that the seal Stephen King It is usually an advertisement for a good horror story.

However, of the adaptations of the works of Stephen Kingthe ones that have shone the most are those that he has not taken charge of. Namely, Stephen King He hasn’t been able to become a filmmaker or a showrunner, and not for lack of trying. The author has worked both as a screenwriter and as a director on projects that, unfortunately, have not been as successful as other films or series based on his works, such as creepshowbeside George Romeroor in the film maximum overdrivewhich at this point are more of a cult than jewels recognized by all critics and the general public.

And so and everything, Stephen King It is a mark that has been engraved in Hollywood. Have you thought about how many productions dialogue with the work of King nowadays? How many drink from that source as mere inspiration, as part of the cultural baggage that we all carry?

Without going further, It’s hard to imagine a success like stranger things without thinking about Item or in stand by metwo works of Stephen King that were adapted to the big screen (and the girl). The group of children who grow up going through a traumatic horror story, the aesthetics of the eighties, everything speaks directly to these works of King.

His influence has even been transferred to his children. Joe Hill is the man behind NOS4A2the novel that was later adapted into a series and that tells a story of vampires that, without a doubt, has drunk from those that his father knew how to tell in, for example, Salem’s Lot.

And if you want to know more, his legacy also crosses borders and he is the first to recognize it. Stephen King he is an avid consumer of series and movies and an avid user of social networks, habits that he combines when he recommends something that caught his interest. This has happened with the French series Mariannewhich he himself has recognized in Twitter that has a wave Stephen King”.

And we could go on, because the hand of Stephen King and the adaptations of his works have become so widespread that they are already part of everyone’s cultural imagination. How many series and movies, in a prom queen coronation, do not take something from the tragic scene of carrie dipped in pig’s blood? Or do they use twins dressed in light blue to scare us? the legacy of Stephen King in audiovisual productions is undeniable. Perhaps he has not done it as a director or screenwriter, but his stories will remain forever.

What is the legacy that Stephen King leaves in the audiovisual industry?