What vampire movies should you watch?

For years the vampire movies They have been a landmark of terror and suspense, for which they generated various reviews, both positive and negative. At Candela we talk about them and recommend some of them.

These types of films were thought of as a good representation of horror moviesHowever, the new wave of directors and screenwriters gives us more genres to enjoy alone, with family or with friends. Do not panic! They could steal your heart and why not… your blood.

We have the recommended vampire movie classics for you to enjoy

Old but very good! We bring you a list of some of the best vampire movie classics.

Nosferatu (1922)

A good classic! Without a doubt, this German film aroused great criticism for its remarkable resemblance to Bram Stoker’s novel, dracula, however, is one of those first horror films that is worth seeing for its history and nuances. In 1979 the remake came out that does great honor to the original.

vampire (1932)

This fantasy and horror film did not have a great reception at the box office, however, it is a well-known classic and well received by current critics as it gives an original plot to the vampire stories already seen. He poses her in a cooler range, that of a vampire witch.

dracula (1931)

We could not put aside this classic of horror classics and especially vampire movies in the cinema. Although it has had a lot of remakes since its release, we recommend you to see the beginning of the cinematic world of Dracula and why not, to see the new versions of it, among them the ones from 1958, 1979 and 1992.

interview with the vampire (1994)

Critically acclaimed then and now. A good movie, with great scenes and resources for the time, with an entertaining and captivating story that shows us the human and sensitive part without taking away the fundamental bases of vampire movies: the mystery, the night and the inevitable… blood.

vampires (1998)

One of the most questioned films during the nineties has to be vampires. This movie isn’t exactly horror, but it does offer viewers some very promising opening scenes. Although for many it falls short, it is a good recommendation to enjoy an easy-to-digest cinema with an occasional laugh, and yes, a lot of dialogue.

The new vampire movies made for all tastes

The new is not far behind! We are going to give you some recommendations vampire and wolf movies in new genres, but yes, with good plots.

Blade (1998-2004-2008)

This trilogy brings us the best of horror, action and fantasy cinema with a touch of superheroism very much in the style of Stephen Norrington. Critics acclaimed the second installment of this saga, for its audiovisual nuances and a very well planned script proposal that adheres to the comics. Not old fashioned!

Van Helsing (2004)

We were all captivated by Hugh Jackman’s trademark strong performance as a vampire hunter, and what to speak of gorgeous co-star Kate Beckinsale with her tough, activist stance. Although she does not have the best reviews among the cinematographic scene, moviegoers loved her thanks to those touches of romance, comedy and drama that gave her a fresh and very entertaining vision. From the first installments of vampire and wolf movies.


Lots of red eyes! This saga stole the hearts of millions of teenagers thanks to that touch of love and drama that completely overshadowed the terrifying and sinister concept of vampires. Good plot to enjoy the world of vampire and wolf movies from a more platonic point of view. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Here there is something for all tastes and generations. This vampire movie designed for the little ones has been one of the hits of animation, as it captivated thousands of children with the bet of a friendlier and more familiar Dracula. Such was the reception by the families that it had 3 more deliveries that make it one of the most beloved animated sagas by viewers.

blood red sky (2021)

The great of streaming, Netflix, brings us to the comfort of our home a very well thought out and accomplished film. With nuances between action, drama and suspense, blood red sky It leaves us with clear values ​​such as motherhood and care for the other, without losing that essence of darkness that we ask for in vampire movies. Super recommended!

Undoubtedly horror movies It is led by vampire movies that in all their versions and times leave us with good, bad and nervous memories. What movie did we miss? Tell us in the comments of this note your favorite and if it is on our list.

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What vampire movies should you watch?