Which is better, The Vampire Diaries or The Originals? Let’s try to give an answer

Which is better, The Vampire Diaries or The Originals?

the Vampire Diaries or its series spin off The Originals? Which of the two is better? A question that many people, many fan have tried to answer and with this article we try to give reasons why a product has more qualities than the other.

We followed the adventures of Elena Gilbert and brothers Savior without even taking our eyes off the screen, to then become passionate about those of Klaus Michaelson and his family. Two intertwined but different plots.

Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries. Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and The CW

Why is The Vampire Diaries better?

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The parent series: the Vampire Diaries. For the first few seasons, every episode was new. With plot twist you continue to discover the history of vampires, we learned about the characters, to come to terms with the ruthlessness of Damon Savior to later discover that, nevertheless, it had a heart. We have become attached to all, even to Matt Donovanalthough no one has yet managed to discover its usefulness.

The Vampire Diariesthere kept company for eight long years. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Over the course of eight seasons, we immersed ourselves in the world of Mystic Falls, we explored every corner, got to know all its inhabitants, but – at times – we also got bored. The first four – five seasons held up, then the situations became repetitive, the characters started to retrace their steps and some of them even distorted their nature: many fan that they have lost interest in Elena Gilbert.

In the Vampire Diaries there is no shortage of mysteries, moments of tension and adventure, full of romance. Elena who falls madly in love with Stefan Saviorand then start wondering about the feelings he has for Damon. In addition to this triangle, there are tons of other love stories that often influence the events.

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Joseph Morgan And Candice King In The Originals 5x12.  Credits: Photo By Annette Brown/©The CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection
Joseph Morgan And Candice King In The Originals 5×12. Credits: Photo By Annette Brown/©The CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection

Why is The Originals better?

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On the other side The Originalsborn as spin off Of TVD. This leads to less initial curiosity: we already know who vampires are, how they feed, how they manipulate humans. But we have the opportunity to learn about the interesting history of the family Michaelson, which probably wouldn’t have had a worthy deepening if it had remained in the main series. Many times it happens that when it comes to an evening spin off it’s harder to love the characters, because the main ones from the original series are missing.

Is The Vampire Diaries As Good As The Originals?

It wasn’t easy to leave the brothers Savior, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and everyone we loved in the Vampire Diaries. They are all well-defined characters who, episode after episode, we feel like our friends or enemies. There is something for all tastes and it is therefore easy to find someone to identify with. Just as it’s easy to cry and scream in despair when our favorites die.

The luck of The Originals is to leverage a great character: Klaus Mikaelson. In the Vampire Diaries we’ve gotten used to seeing him as an enemy, whereas in this case he’s the focus of the narrative. The original great vampire is impossible not to identify as good and that’s what he makes Klaus fascinating. Until the end he is an ambiguous character, morally questionable, but who knows how to show a big heart when his family is at stake.

The Originals it has five seasons, even if the best ones remain the first ones. This issue allowed the writers more control over the story, there were no plot holes, and everything stayed consistent.

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In The Originals the sentiment that dominates is the one that binds a family. We observe the dynamics of the brothers Michaelson, Klaus, Rebekha, Elijah And Kolbut also the father-daughter relationship between Klaus And Hopea difficult and interesting relationship because no one in the Vampire Diaries never imagined he could see Klaus as a father.

Which is better, The Vampire Diaries or The Originals? Let’s try to give an answer