Why are we attracted to the supernatural?

It is clear that we have an obsession with supernatural beingsjust look at the plot of some of the most successful series and movies out there: vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons and ghosts.

And although all those fictional characters they always play the role of the villain, for some reason they always manage to have the sympathy of the public, despite the fact that they dedicate themselves to mortifying people.

The vampires are perhaps the most desired character by the public, films like Twilight Y Interview with him Vampire and the series diaries of vampires they showed us a human side to those monsters and the audience loved the shadowy leads.

But although the vampires that we see portrayed in those productions are terrifying creatures who perform horrific acts of violence for blood, we still adore them. why do we feel attraction by monsters and undead?

why do we feel attraction for the vampires?

The first time the idea of ​​a being immortal that you have to drink blood to survive in pop culture was thanks to the book of dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897. Later, in the 1990s, the film version of this book came out with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryders as protagonists.

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From that film began to represent the vampires in an elegant and attractive way. Thanks to Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise, stars of interview with the vampirethe vampires They became a monster with a great power of attraction Y seduction.

But besides the attractive undeniable of the actors who have played the vampires, another of the reasons why we have sympathy and liking for those creatures it is because, of all the monsters, they are the most human of all the entities supernatural, explains in a Verywell Mind article, Cinthy Vinney, an expert in psychology of the media.

vampiresof the supernatural beings, the most human

Within fiction, vampires are the characters with the most human characteristics, not only because of their physical appearance but because they have emotional needs equal to those of mortals. In Interview with the Vampire and Twilight, the vampires yearn for human connection and they are saddened by rejection, but what weighs them down the most is the eternal loneliness to which they are subjected.

Not only do they have unique personalities and concerns, but they also resemble us and thus cross the divide inherent in other horror works between human and monster.

In many cases, due to the way their nature leads them to isolate themselves, vampires they become metaphors for rebels or outcasts from society. All these human characteristics that we find in the vampires it’s what they do attractive and cute for the viewers.

Mathias Clasen is a scholar of terror, proposes that the vampires Like the ones of interview with the vampiresatisfy different psychological needs for readers and viewers than vampires they are purely horror figures.

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The vampirism confers beauty, strength and wealth

On the one hand, the vampirism becomes attractive because it not only confers beauty, strength and wealth, but also allows the vampire dedicate yourself to your own fulfillment.

But also another trait that makes attractive to the vampires is that stories like diaries of vampires Y Twilight, revolve around attractive vampires and their human girlfriends, allowing viewers to relate to and engage with the dilemmas of romance, making them see vampires they are dangerous bad boys and no horror figures.

On the other hand, Dr. Lee Phillips, psychotherapist and sex and couples therapist, explains that people want to be desired and loved, and the need to blood of the vampires makes his desire for humans a matter of life and death. This turns romance with a vampire in the last fancy.

The psychologist explains that people have the fancy to give themselves to their romantic partners, similar to the way a person gives themselves to a vampire after being enchanted and seduced. In the stories of vampires, people get carried away, surrender and are vulnerable and for the viewers, that is true fancy.


(With information from Verywell Mind)

Why are we attracted to the supernatural?