Zona Bianca, Giuseppe Brindisi non

Zona Bianca, the political talk hosted by Giuseppe Brindisi does not interrupt programming during the Christmas holidays.

Uninterrupted programming record for White Zone 2022, the talk conducted by the home journalist Mediaset, Joseph Brindisiby number of non-stop bets broadcast to inform the public of Network 4 on the political climate in the current contingency. White Zone doesn’t go on vacation. But you will continue to broadcast the debates between politicians even during the Christmas holidays. A real success for the political insight program of Network 4 which is broadcast live in full Christmas spirit.

In fact, since the date of its debut, on April 7, 2021, Giuseppe Brindisi’s talk has never stopped during the holiday or summer periods. Expected, however, from the schedule Mediaset a change of programming for White Zone during the Christmas holidays. From 18 December, the last episode aired on Sunday, the TV program will temporarily move to Tuesday for three appointments. By restoring the Sunday appointment from January 8, 2023.

White Zone 2022 no Christmas stop

White Zone 2022 will go on air even in the vicinity of holiday season. A extended no-stop for the political talk conducted by Brindisi. The consecutive programming for the journalistic in-depth broadcast proposing debates and comparisons between institutional figures on the news from the hot front of our local politics and on the themes at the center of public and social opinion is lengthened.

White Zone

Change of programming for the Brindisi talk

White Zone 2022, so, he won’t go on holiday at Christmas. It does not interrupt the flow of information to broadcast the debates that arouse the interest of the television audience. After the non-stop summer, the talk of Network 4 he will face the Christmas one. A program that was broadcast every day of the week – except Saturdays -. Launched on Wednesday, later switched to Sunday. Doubled in the summer with the double appointment on Monday and Thursday. Up to occupying the day of Friday on the eve of the last national political elections.Area

After the last Sunday episode of December 18th, White area 2022 will be sent on Tuesdayin the early evening, for three appointments. To then return to Sunday from 8 January 2023. A record of broadcasts for White Zone.

The channel Mediaset, Network 4, has been engaged for some time on the information front at 360 degrees. Between December and January it will not alter the schedule linked to programs with a cultural profile and political analysis. It will continue to offer genre viewers the television alternative between Barbara Palombelli’s talk, Italy tonight– which will close on 21 – e Upstreamconducted by Veronica Gentili, who will occupy the strip left vacant, going on the air between 22 December and 8 January.

Zona Bianca, Giuseppe Brindisi non-stop Christmas with his political talk on Rete 4