10 bad boys from series that we can’t help but love

They are as essential to our favorite series as the mean girls. Welcome to the pantheon of bad boys on the small screen.

[MISE A JOUR] : This article “10 Bad Boys From TV Shows You Can’t Help But Love” originally appeared in 2017. It was updated and reposted in January 2023.

Chuck Bass from the popular series gossip girl

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At the beginning, chuck bass has everything of the execrable daddy’s boy, who thinks everything is allowed and has no limits. In the pilot, he commits no less than two rape attempts: the first on Serena, the second on Jenny. Fortunately he is stopped in time each time. Then, over the episodes, viewers get to know him better. Beneath his bad boy looks hides a boy in pain (particularly because of a twisted family situation). Add to that a passionate relationship with the heroine Blair and you have one of the audience’s favorite characters.

Damon Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries

damon salvatore

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Introduced as the “evil” brother at the start of The Vampire Diaries (compared to the “nice” Stefan), Damon immediately wins the hearts of fans, and not only thanks to his sexy leather jacket. You surprise me ! His dangerous side fascinates, intrigues and pleases… even if it doesn’t take long to discover other, more human and authentic facets of his personality.

Alex Karev in the medical series Grey’s Anatomy

Alex Karev


Introduced as the character underdog, as annoying as he is full of himself, Alex Karev is the ugly duckling of the gang of interns. The seasons advance, and he himself discovers certain facets that he did not suspect. The most symbolic example is that he always believed he would go into plastic surgery, before finally opting for pediatrics (due to his love of children). He even ends up becoming Meredith’s “person” after Cristina leaves. In short, in 14 seasons of Grey’s AnatomyAlex is undoubtedly the character who has evolved the most (and the best).

Klaus Mikaelson – The Originals

klaus mikaelson, the originals

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A bad boy wasn’t in enough The Vampire Diaries. This is the reason why the writers introduced the character of Klaus from the second season. He is a vampire and a werewolf, which makes him a hybrid and an ultra charismatic big bad. That’s probably why (+ his undeniable success with fans) that he then won his own spin off: The Originals. Complex, mysterious, dangerous, Klaus is the very proof that a pure bad boy can carry a successful series on his shoulders.

Cole Turner- Charmed

Charmed Cole Turner

© CBS Paramount International

It is often said of bad boys that they are half-angel, half-demon. For Cole Turner, it literally is. From season 3 of Charmed, the writers install the sexiest (and forbidden) love story of the series: that between Phoebe and Cole, aka the demon Balthazar. Her charming smile quickly made the youngest of the Halliwells fall in love. Their story lasts for some time, even after Phoebe discovers Cole’s true identity. The series plays a lot on the two opposite sides of its character, knowing that this is what appeals to fans. Spoiler alert : they do not end together.



Yes, it may seem surprising to see Mike in the middle of all these bad boys… but let’s not forget that Susan’s husband has a most sulphurous past. A former drug addict, he served time in prison after fighting to death against a policeman (we nevertheless specify that this is self-defense). Here again, his errors of course can be explained by a complicated family situation (decidedly!): his father beat his mother in front of his eyes, before being imprisoned for murder. Anyway, from the start of Desperate HousewivesMike pleases both Susan and Edie (hello the love triangle) and viewers for his mysterious side and bad boy on the edges.

Spike- buffy the vampire slayer


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To say that his character was supposed to die after a few episodes… 20 years later, impossible to imagine buffy the vampire slayer without him! Presented as the big bad of season 2 (with Drusilla), Spike has all the panoply of the bad boy of the 90s, from the black leather jacket to the platinum blond coloring (though…). And yet, it quickly becomes a safe bet with viewers. When he returns in season 4, the loss of his powers makes him the comedic asset of the show, having the right word/killer line in every situation. We even wonder if his abusive relationship with the character of Buffy, in recent seasons, hasn’t somewhat inspired that between Chuck and Blair in gossip girl.

Jess Mariano- Gilmore Girls

Jess Gilmore Girls

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Jess is a real go-getter when he arrives in Stars Hollow. Arrogant, grumpy, hooligan… his bad boy attitude is only a facade to make up for his lack of self-confidence, due to his complicated family situation and his poor school level. But all this does not leave our Rory indifferent, to the great displeasure of his grandmother Emily. His pronounced taste for art and his desire to get out of it will finally catch up with Jess and put him back on the right track, at the same time as his relationship with Rory. Bad boy once, but not always.

Connor Walsh- How To Get Away With Murder



Since the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder, Connor still seems angry. An inveterate flirt, adept at one-night stands, his romance with Oliver puts him back on the right path from a sentimental point of view. Nevertheless, while the series is currently in its fourth season, we see that Connor still wants to be rebellious and self-destructive. At the same time, after all that he has experienced alongside Annalise, we understand that his bad boy side ends up coming to the surface…

Roberto Arenales from the series One, Dos, Tres

roberto a very back

© Antenna 3

In One, Dos, Tres, Roberto is as much the opposite of Pedro as Lola is the opposite of Ingrid and Silvia. The cult character, played by Miguel Angel Munoz, is arrogant, narcissistic, capricious and seductive. Besides that, he’s packed with talent, ultra-charismatic and more sensitive than he looks. And, we are not going to lie to each other, it is he who gives the series all its spice and its caliente side. No wonder he’s been a fan favorite since day one.

10 bad boys from series that we can’t help but love