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The Vampire Diaries officially leaves Netflix on September 3, 2022, leaving fans desperate to know where they can find it after that. While that information has yet to be made available, the show’s arrival on Netflix has brought a wave of new fans and its new home is expected to do the same. For any new Watchers trying to fit into the ever-strong fandom, there are some inside jokes they’ll need to be prepared for.

The show itself gave fans some great lines, but the fandom also came up with some of their own jokes based on the show’s most common or absurd moments. Only those who have seen the show a few times will be able to understand them all.

10 Damon Nicknames

No one has the same skill at naming friends and foes as Damon. The fandom regularly calls Bonnie “Bon Bon” in her honor, and while other nicknames like “Barbie Klaus” (Rebekah) and “Buzzkill Bob” (Stefan) haven’t taken off, Damon’s best nicknames have become iconic. in the fandom in general. .

He’s managed to portray everyone both insultingly and accurately, and fans love him for it. New fans looking to connect with the wider community may need to do some research to understand what happens when people argue about whether they’re shipping “Mystic Queen” with “Tween Wolf” or “Prom King.” “.

9 “What’s Moonstone This Season?” »

This joke was introduced by Katherine Pierce, who realized that being the current owner of the cure for vampirism made her “that thing everyone wants”. This refers to Klaus’s hunt for all components of the Sacrificial Ritual to break the Hybrid Curse.

Although this is a fairly specific example, it is also extremely accurate in all TVD broadcasts. Whether the “moonstone” is Bennett Blood, the bones of Inadu, or Malivore artifacts, heroes and villains are usually involved in some variation of hide-and-seek or keep-away, where at least one party seeks to capture each prize in order to gain more Power.

8 Constrain, *Break Neck*, Bennett Blood, White Oak

While the biggest threats in The Vampire Diaries had to be dealt with using massive displays of power, episodic threats tended to require one of four solutions. If the threat was human, the vampires simply coerced them and sent them away. If the threat was a vampire, they broke his neck or inflicted a magical aneurysm on him to neutralize them.

For issues on the magical side, Bennett Blood seemed capable of anything. Finally, if the threat was an Original, they could use Stakes or White Oak Ash, which seemed to respawn no matter how often they were destroyed. It may have gotten repetitive for fans, but it was certainly effective.

7 “Adults Can’t Survive Mystic Falls”

Before The Vampire Diaries even began, Elena and the Salvatore Brothers were orphans (or so they thought), and this condition spread rapidly over the course of the series. Elena lost her biological and adoptive parents, as well as her Aunt Jenna. Caroline also lost both of her parents, to a combination of magical and mundane threats. Bonnie lost her grandmother and her father, and her mother became a vampire.

Given the plight of parents in Mystic Falls, it seems anyone who wants to keep their adult family members should probably find another place to live. This trend also extended to adults in general, with virtually every authority figure dying a tragic death and only Alaric surviving in the finale. Over time, fans learned not to get attached to the adults on the show, as they never stuck around for long.

6 New Character Trope: The Matt Donovan

Matt Donovan remained human for the duration of The Vampire Diaries and through both spin-offs, while still managing to end that period alive, despite dying five times. He dated Elena, Caroline, Rebekah and Nadia, and even got engaged.

However, many fans consider him the most annoying character in the series. He didn’t have a particularly interesting character arc, and his involvement in the supernatural world tended to be limited to being annoyed by his existence. Given all of this, fans have decided that being the “Matt Donovan” of a show means being a character loved by the writers but not necessarily by the fans, who gets a lot more attention than they deserve. simply because they are the “nice, normal guy”. .’ Examples of Matt Donovans include Alaric Saltzman in Legacies, Ross Gellar in Friends, and Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

5 “Need some drama, add a father bond. »

When the bad guys weren’t causing trouble, the Mystic Falls gang found ways to stay in conflict. One of the biggest examples of this was how often father ties appeared, despite being described as extremely rare at first. The bond always started the drama, because it never formed between characters who actually loved each other.

Elena’s father bond with Damon caused the love triangle to explode, and Tyler’s bond with Klaus caused a lot of trouble. This tactic returned in Legacies when Lizzie went heretical, as she found herself bonded to the non-human Hope. If there wasn’t enough natural drama at play, fans have learned to expect a father bond to spoil things.

4 H2O

For many 2000s kids, H2O: Just Add Water was one of their first exposures to supernatural television. The Australian show featured a trio of teenage girls who accidentally turned into mermaids. While it was a natural transition to go from H2O, which aired from 2006 to 2010, to The Vampire Diaries, which started in 2009, it’s not the only crossover.

Two of H2O’s three lead actresses (Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt) moved from show to show, playing Hayley Marshall and Rebekah Mikaelson respectively. While they did a great job in both roles, some fans find it hard to watch one without thinking of the other, so they may reference H2O’s Emma and Cleo while talking about their TVD characters.

3 “Death Loosens In Mystic Falls”

Almost every time a big event is held in Mystic Falls, someone dies. If it’s adults or random background characters, that death may stick, but otherwise the audience doesn’t have to worry too much about their favorite characters.

Even characters who have been dead for a long time have found their way back as ghosts, escaping the Collapse on the Other Side or making deals out of Hell. Plot armor didn’t stop them from dying, but it sure did stop them from fading completely, a trend in Mystic Falls that continued in the absurd resurrections seen in Legacies.

2 The Remedy Makes No Sense

On a show about vampirism, the idea that there was a cure that could turn vampires into humans was a really interesting prospect. However, the operating rules changed regularly. Since Silas insists that vampires are distinct from immortals, it’s frankly unclear why the cure would work for both anyway.

Beyond that, when a person takes the remedy, their blood becomes the remedy for any future seeker. Silas claims that the next person would need to completely drain the healed’s blood to claim it for themselves, but was later shown to only require a small amount, at which point the person begins to age until to the state that his body would naturally have. forthcoming. It’s also unclear what happens to an Original’s bloodline if they take the Cure, though that’s the plan for Rebekah in the near future. All in all, it’s a major plot point that makes absolutely no sense, and fans routinely scoff at it because it’s so poorly planned.

1 Nina Dobrev’s wigs

It’s relatively common for actors to wear wigs if their characters have different hairstyles from them, but Nina Dobrev’s wigs in the TVD finale were on a whole other level. Both Elena and Katherine needed to look like they had years before, but it didn’t work.

It’s unclear why it was so much harder to work with than the many previous wigs used on the show, but apparently it was because the wigs looked extremely fake. It threw viewers off the show, and it’s a mistake fans won’t let go of, spawning plenty of jokes along the way.

10 Inside Jokes Only Diehard The Vampire Diaries Fans Would Understand | Pretty Reel