10 TV series about vampires and werewolves, old and new. All absolutely unmissable

From Dracula to Twilight, vampires fascinate adults and children and if the big screen has given us masterpieces dedicated to this subject, TV series they are no less.

In the sphere of the supernatural, the other being that dominates the popular imagination of lovers of horror they are werewolves, with the events of the two species often intertwined.

Today we present a ranking of the ten most beautiful television series, old and new, dedicated to the monsters of our imagination.

“First Kill”, the new Netflix vampire series

Let’s start with a new entry in the catalog Netflix: “First Kill” (2022), a teen drama LGBTQ + where the protagonists are vampires and hunters of the same.

The plot revolves around the events of two teenagers, one huntress and the other an undead, who fall in love with each other and will have to face the opposition of their families. As always, in addition to the horror base, the plot unfolds and also becomes one love story, auasi like all programs aimed primarily at a teenage audience.

Basically it is not something exceptional and contains a series of ideas and themes already seen, definitely the worst of our review.

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“American Horror Story: Hotel” (Season 5). Because even horror masterpieces have their flaws

Even masterpieces can take some slips and even big ones. American Horror Story, show signed Fox, is an absolute masterpiece of the genre, with its 11 seasons plus a reboot.

Of the program, however, just the 5 season (2015) “Hotel” which has as its theme the undead is definitely the least beautiful.

The only season where the usual cast does not occur, with rare exceptions, at least the stars who made it great are missing. In their place come well-known faces including Lady Gaga, but which we would have gladly done without. Of this very high quality product this seems to be a sour note, luckily after this season the show has retraced its steps and to the traditional cast.

American Horror Story: Hotel is currently streaming on Disney +.

“Hemlock Grove”, you can do better

Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)also on Netflix, is a horror-thriller that starts from the discovery of the body of two teenage girls and, as per topos, everything leads to the attack of an animal.

The first suspicions then fall a teenager who has just arrived in the town of Hemlock with his family and who hides a secret … what will it be?

“Dracula”, the classics never tire

Another signed TV series Netflix and passed a little too quietly, but instead deserves to be seen, it is Dracula (2020). The new reinterpretation of Bram Stoker’s classic where the count is a well-known American entrepreneur.

Produced in a single season and then canceled, Dracula, while not a masterpiece, was definitely underestimated.

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“Being Human”, which makes us a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost together in Bristol

Being Human (2009-2013)attention because the one we are talking about is the original version produced in the United Kingdom Bristol. Here three apparently normal roommates are actually: a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf.

The three as the title says strive to have a normal existence, but continually clash with their monstrous nature. This is also highly recommended.

“True Blood”, a dystopian reality where different species coexist

True Blood (2008-2014), which aired around the same time as Vampire Diaries and its main rival, is a must-see television product. Set in a dystopian future where humans and supernatural creatures coexist in peace, or almost. And where a blood substitute is produced especially for them.

To see it you will need a subscription to the streaming platform Now TV.

“Teen Wolf”, and the werewolves finally arrive

In Teen Wolf (2011-2017) protagonists of the scene are werewolves.

The story begins when the teenager Scott McCall he is attacked and bitten by a werewolf, then everything changes for him and our TV series begins.

Also in this case we are in front of a show designed for teenagers that, besides werewolves and various monsters, follows the events of the boys of a high school. The program manages to have a good depth and is one of the titles to watch, which is possible in streaming on the usual Netflix.

“Originals”, one of the few successful spin offs

Originals (2013-2018)lo spin off of Vampire Diaries centered around the figure of Klaus and the Originals. Like the mother series, this program also proves to be respectable, especially its success has been able to leverage on characters who had already fascinated the public previously.

Here too werewolves are the dominant theme from the beginning as the main protagonist is half one and half the other. This TV series is one of the must-sees of the genre.

A must of the genre: “Vampire Diaries” (2009-2017). Between monsters and love stories

Title that needs no introduction and perhaps the only one that can compete with Buffy. It was born as a teen drama dedicated to teenagers, but with an exciting intertwining that fascinated young and old and led to the spin off Originals.

The resounding success is due to the plot and above all to many well-chosen characters such as the Salvatore brothers and then the Originals themselves.

In the episodes we explore not only the theme of the legendary monsters, but also that of the doppelganger. In addition to the supernatural, it is also a story about love made up of disputes and disagreements.

Vampire Diaries is available in catalogs Amazon Prime Video And Netflix.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, where it all began

Buffy turns 25!

Perhaps for many it will be an old-fashioned show compared to modern directing techniques, given that the first episode aired in 1997, but this was the beginning of everything, that is, of the teen dramas where the protagonists were vampires.

The spin off is also highly respected Angel which has had some success. Together with Vampire Diaries they remain the best TV series ever shot about supernatural monsters.

10 TV series about vampires and werewolves, old and new. All absolutely unmissable