11 Series Deaths That Downright Pissed Fans

From Grey’s Anatomy to The Vampire Diaries to The 100, we look back at 11 series deaths that have left fans furious, resulting in angry tweets, petitions and other actions.

Update: This article: “From Grey’s Anatomy to The 100: 11 Series Deaths That Really Pissed Fans” was released on July 12, 2019.

Lexa’s death in season 3 of The 100 is certainly the one that has made the most noise recently. 2016 was a particularly deadly year for lesbian characters in the series and this one was the last straw. Lexa met her end, as she came – finally ! – to sleep with Clarke, because of a bullet intended for the latter. Banners, hashtags on Twitter, billboards… Fans of The 100 and Clexa expressed their anger in every way possible. A convention entirely dedicated to LGBTQ+ characters and representation, called Clexa Con, has sprung up.

Update January 2022: fans of series and The 100 know it: new deaths enraged the fanbase at the end of the series. The worst ? Bellamy’s… from Clarke’s hands.

Lexa is far from the first LGBTQ+ character to die on a show — there have been so many there’s a titled trope “Bury your gays”. That of Tara, in season 6 of buffy the vampire slayer, has also caused a lot of ink to flow. Tara and Willow are one of the first lesbian couples on a network channel and fans took her character’s death very badly. Joss Whedon received so much hate mail that he even considered resurrecting Tara using magic. However, the actress had already moved on and did not want to return to the series.

Some still do not digest the death of Derek Shepherd, so much so that they even stopped Grey’s Anatomy. It is true that the medical series of Shonda Rhimes has known many deaths and departures during these 14 seasons and it is not always to everyone’s taste. After Derek’s death, fans were quick to express their displeasure on social media.

Shonda Rhimes is not the only one to break the hearts of fans, Julie Plec also masters this technique. And she didn’t hesitate to kill Stefan Salvatore in the finale of The Vampire Diaries, leaving Damon without his brother and making Caroline a widow… Suffice to say that it didn’t go down well with Steroline fans and shippers. Not to mention that the showrunner of The Vampire Diaries started again a year later with The Originals.

After Stefan in The Vampire DiariesJulie Plec has decided to set the bar even higher with The Originals killing not one but two main characters in the finale: Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson. If the death of the latter seemed inevitable given his plot during the final season, this is not the case of Klaus. The hybrid sacrifices itself – unnecessarily some would say – to protect his daughter but at the same time he leaves her an orphan. And poor Caroline once again loses someone dear to her. Several fans even ” threatens “ not to look Legaciesthe new spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

It is difficult for fans to Game Of Thrones to be offended after the death of certain characters – Ned, Robb, Catelyn, Joffrey, etc. – because the screenwriters are just following the books written by George RR Martin. On the other hand, the poor Shireen Baratheon had not asked anything of anyone and the fans had really not seen her death coming since she is still alive in the novels. Addicts to GoT were offended on social networks by the horror and gratuity of the scene. It is recalled that Stannis’ daughter is burned alive on Melisandre’s orders promising that this sacrifice will win the war for her.

Jen Lindley- Dawson

The end of Dawson is really bittersweet, if Joey and Pacey end well together for the greatest happiness of the majority of fans, a major character dies tragically: Jen Lindley. The one who arrives in the very first episode of the series leaves us in the last, but not before having brought tears to tears all the viewers. Some saw it as a punishment for the most liberated and open character – especially sexually – of the series, thus sending a very negative message.

2016, again. As we have said, that year was particularly violent towards lesbian characters on the small screen. And after Lexa, Poussey Washington dies in a heartbreaking scene. The character played by Samira Wiley offered a very prominent portrayal of being black, lesbian, and in a biracial relationship with Brook Soso. As for Lexa, the hashtag “#PousseyDeservedBetter” (Poussey Deserved Better) has taken over Twitter, his demise leaving huge numbers of fans angry, denying that “the death of a black lesbian serves as a lesson to educate white people”.

Before the deaths of Klaus and Elijah in the finale of The Originals, the writers did not hesitate to kill another main character of the series: Hayley Marshall. Again, this is a sacrifice to protect Hope, but it fell far short with fans. It must be recognized that the death of Hayley comes even though Phoebe Tonkin has been almost absent from this last season. And if the series offers a few episodes later a farewell scene between Hayley and her daughter, the fans are far from having been satisfied with the treatment of her character.

Brian- family guy

In 2014, Seth MacFarlane’s series had the (very) bad idea of ​​killing Brian, the Griffins’ dog, after he was hit by a car. Neither one nor two, fans of family guy started a petition for the return of this character. What he didn’t know was that Brian would be resurrected three weeks later. Seth MacFarlane was then delighted to see the enthusiasm of viewers for the character he voiced. At least the writers have been warned…

Three days after the release of final mid season of season 5, fans of The Walking Dead launched a petition for the return of Beth Greene, who died quite stupidly in the episode. This petition even encouraged participants to send plastic spoons to AMC offices along with their favorite line of the character played by Emily Kinney. Unfortunately, and despite the fans’ devotion and love for this character, The Walking Dead is not really the kind of series where someone can be resurrected.

11 Series Deaths That Downright Pissed Fans