4K Ultra HD + Blu

Dated 1987, thanks to Warner Bros Lost boys back in a new home video edition. The fourth feature film directed by Joel Schumacher, in fact, it is now available in a double disc consisting of 4K Ultra HD and blu-ray. Two supports enclosed in a single amaray case inserted in a cardboard slip case to restore a true Eighties cult in advanced audiovisual quality. The cult that, together with Vamp, Vampire Slayer And Dark is approaching, helped shape the figure of Dracula’s modern screen descendants. In that, led by a villain Kiefer Sutherlandit is a gang of vampires with a youthful-hooligan look that is at the center of the operation.

Gang in which the handsome Jason Patric who has just moved with mother Dianne Wiest and younger brother Corey Haim ends up in the apparently quiet village of Santa Clara.

Moreover, it is evident that the intent of Lost boys and that of emphasizing the typically adolescent feeling of adapting to new life contexts through gender. With so much danger of encounters based on bad company and destructive addictions from which it is then difficult to break free. And it is curious that he was initially supposed to direct it Richard Donnerhere anyway producer and then back from Lethal Weapon. Because the film seems almost an ideal bridge between his The Gooniestwo years earlier, and School of monsters from Fred Dekkeralso from 1987. After all, flanked by Jamison Newlander is just the Corey Feldman de The Goonies to involve Haim in facing the bloodsuckers.

Almost in the way that, in fact, in School of monsters teen-agers who seem straight out of Donner’s film face the wolf man and fellow horrors. Schumacher, in fact, does not insist at all on splatter and truculence, but packs an adventure immersed in horror mainly addressed to viewers under 18. Adventure illuminated with warm tones by Michael Chapman and musically accompanied by Cry little sister from Gerard McMann And People are strange of the Doors. Not surprisingly, it is precisely the image of Jim Morrison to stand out in the lair of the lords of the night in clothes punkish in their own way. Lords of the night with whom the protagonists clash definitively during the final half hour of Lost boys. Not without fun finds like that of the tub filled with holy water.

Under the banner of the feature film that made Feldman and the prematurely deceased Haim a couple then repeatedly exploited by the universe of the Seventh Art aimed at young people.

Between a Driving license it’s a Grab your glasses and run. A feature film that, provided with the director’s audio commentary on the 4K Ultra HD disc, is also accompanied by a lot of extra content on the blu-ray. From the audio commentary itself to the nearly nineteen minutes of Inside the vampire’s cave, divided into four featurettes, passing through the original trailer. Plus twenty-four minutes of documentary The lost boys: Retrospective, fourteen on vampire makeup, fifteen of unreleased scenes and about five of interviews with Corey. But that’s not all, because we also have moments of Lost boys commented by Haim, Feldman and Newlander, a video clip and a very interesting excerpt. An extract on the types of vampires in the world, from Asia to India, Australia, Eastern Europe, Greece, Mesopotamia, Great Britain, Central and South America.

4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray Edition for Lost Boys